YahelPrivate Collection


YahelCome Inside7:59
Yahel & Infected MushroomElectro Panic8:15
YahelStep By Step7:44
YahelHeart Ache7:28
YahelCrystal Blue6:58
YahelBomb Creator3:43
YahelIntelligent Life (Video Mix)

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    Cover of Private Collection, 2002-01-00, CDPrivate Collection
    CD, Album, Enhanced
    HOM-Mega Productions – HMCD021Israel2002Israel2002
    Cover of Private Collection, 2002, CassettePrivate Collection
    Cassette, Album
    HOM-Mega Productions – HMCD21, Phonokol – 2209-4Israel2002Israel2002
    Cover of Private Collection, 2002-01-00, CDPrivate Collection
    CD, Album, Enhanced, Unofficial Release
    HOM-Mega Productions (2) – HMCD021Russia2002Russia2002
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      Edited 17 years ago
      This Israëlian album contains several quite different themes. Though the music shows different musical colors, it shares a well-balanced atmosphere. The album contains an interesting mix of oriental music and 'European' trance music. Some really sounds originating from the middle east are combined with sounds of Germany based Access Virus b synth (with thanks to the Dutch programmer Rob Papen, by the way). Yahel Sherman alternatively toggles between very relaxed sounds, subtle synth effects, as well as more aggressive effects and a baroque style. Both of which extremes the now famous Virus synth shows equally well suited. Highlight of the album "Avalanche" combines a superb very relaxed build-up, a very focused medium part highlighting a short but intense sounding Virus solo part, melting down in a luxurious overwhelming baroque-sounding coda. A real musical translation of an 'Avalanche'. The amusing video 'bout happy sunshine life, partying people and raving fans of Yahel. A well fitting end of an interesting and never-tiring musical journey in to trance. Therefore I consider this Trance-album as one of Yahel's best and a unique addition to the Trance-scene.

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