Floating PointsPeople's Potential


People's Potential7:02
Shark Chase7:51

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    Cover of Peoples Potential, 2010-02-00, VinylPeoples Potential
    12", Single Sided, White Label, Limited Edition, Stamped
    Eglo Records – EGL 006UK2010UK2010
    Cover of People's Potential, 2010-03-00, VinylPeople's Potential
    12", 45 RPM
    Eglo Records – EGL 006UK2010UK2010
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    Cover of People's Potential, 2010-06-00, VinylPeople's Potential
    12", White Label, Limited Edition
    Eglo Records – EGL 006WUK2010UK2010
    Cover of People's Potential / Shark Chase, , FilePeople's Potential / Shark Chase
    2×File, WAV, Reissue
    Pluto (4) – none
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    • Apeman
      A very interesting pair of tunes by producer Samual Shepherd better known as Floating Points.

      People's Potential is a very nice jazz-funk number that harkens back to Herbie Hancock's amazing Headhunters album but given a modern 2010's twist.

      Shark Chase however is best described as Mr. Oizo Meets Mr. Scruff in my opinion. It's so unusual, it's incredible and the highlight (for me) of this release. I don't know how to describe it really, other than possibly "Space House" or something like that.

      Buy for both tracks, though Shark Chase is just amazing and so different.

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