International Music SystemInternational Music System


An English '935:21
Bonus Single "Joke"5:23
Run Away5:33
Bubble Rap4:50

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    Cover of International Music System, 1983, VinylInternational Music System
    High Fashion Music – 88.072Netherlands1983Netherlands1983
    Cover of International Music System, 1983, VinylInternational Music System
    IMS – IMS 58706Italy1983Italy1983
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    Cover of International Music System, 1983, VinylInternational Music System
    LP, Album, Stereo
    Bellaphon – 260·07·059Germany1983Germany1983
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    International Music System
    Musidisc – ME 55.009Argentina1984Argentina1984
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    International Music System
    Cassette, Album
    Musidisc – ME K75.009Argentina1984Argentina1984
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    Cover of International Music System, 2007, VinylInternational Music System
    LP, Reissue, Unofficial Release
    IMS (2) – IMS 5870620072007
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    Cover of International Music System Vol. 1, 2016-11-24, FileInternational Music System Vol. 1
    6×File, FLAC, Album, Stereo
    Mr. Disc Organization – IMS 58706Italy2016Italy2016
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    • peter-vinyl's avatar
      Tight Italo disco, decades ahead of it's time, timeless, superb production, I like the vocoder, must have, see also their second album.
      • Tb-303's avatar
        International Music System ‎– International Music System
        Label: IMS ‎– IMS 58706
        Format: Vinyl, LP
        Country: Italy
        Released: 1983
        Genre: Electronic
        Style: Italo-Disco, Electro

        A1. 00:00 Nonline
        A2. 05:28 An English '93
        A3. 10:50 Bonus Single "Joke"

        B1. 16:01 Run Away
        B2. 21:39 Bubble Rap
        B3. 26:28 Mojave
        • djonolisa's avatar
          standout for me... is mojave. year is 1983. i wonder where they got their influence from the years before that. i now have a reference for the currently nicely produced downtempo tracks. And the current nonline repress is quite good..
          • MISTER_DIA-TRIBE_73's avatar
            Hi...Can anyone tell how the lp version of NonLine compares to the 12"..Is the track the same and how is the sound quality compared to the 12"?
            • lt_J's avatar
              I'll skip one or two tracks here - but overall, this long play album is incredible
              Along with Nemesy LP, they are the best you can find in the Italo World.

              Seven points for the work of art!
              • moogacid's avatar
                Have to disagree with comments below from hysteric. Yes, a totally fantastic record with awesome, timeless production, but, apart from the vocoder, it's really spoiled for me by the vocals, especially on 'Runaway'. Had to do me own instrumental edits I'm afraid!
                • jake.afc's avatar
                  Edited 12 years ago
                  Some nice proto-chicago-house tunes here, definitely avangtarde, by the times. I expecially love the Bonus Single "Joke", slowed down a bit is fantastic, as heard in my beloved Giganti Discotheque cassette from '83. Rare gem, reissued here in a GZ pressing that looks shiny. The sound is acceptable, there are some artifacts from noise-crackle removal, but bargain if you get one copy for less than 10€. I also have a skip in the middle of A2 without any sign of damage, anyone else?
                  • hysteric's avatar
                    Fantastic first album by IMS, every track on here can played in a modern club or bar environment.
                    Emotive and exotic synth composition and programming throughout creating strong feelings, with superb vocals on "Runaway" and "Bubble Rap" (the latter is perhaps my favourite track on the record).
                    Not just a great italo-disco album, but really timeless electronic music.

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