Eurotechno (Part 1)1:10
Eurotechno (Part 2)0:59
Eurotechno (Part 3)0:53
Eurotechno (Part 4)1:08
Eurotechno (Part 5)0:17
Eurotechno (Part 6)0:33
Eurotechno (Part 7)2:39
Eurotechno (Part 8)1:28
Eurotechno (Part 9)2:25
Eurotechno (Part 10)1:44
Eurotechno (Part 11)0:53
Eurotechno (Part 12)0:56
Eurotechno (Part 13)1:04
Eurotechno (Part 14)0:42
Eurotechno (Part 15)1:07
Eurotechno (Part 16)2:03
Eurotechno (Part 17)1:05
Eurotechno (Part 18)0:19
Eurotechno (Part 19)1:01
Eurotechno (Part 20)1:48
Eurotechno (Part 21)1:28

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Eurotechno is an early project, released on Aphex Twin's label Rephlex, by STAKKER in 1989. It was originally a soundtrack to a visual work released on Virgin Music Video by STAKKER ( Colin Scott (4), Mark McLean and Marek Pytel ). It has received positive reviews for its fresh early acid techno sound and hailed as innovative and timeless.
The video it accompanied was a major inspiration to the Rephlex collective and as such was re-released on the label in 2003


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    Version DetailsData Quality
    Cover of Eurotechno, 1989, VHSEurotechno
    VHS, PAL
    Virgin Music Video – VVC570UK1989UK1989
    Recently Edited
    Cover of Eurotechno, 1991-03-25, LaserdiscEurotechno
    Laserdisc, 12", Single Sided, Stereo, NTSC
    Pioneer (3) – PILP-1009, Virgin Music Video – PILP-1009Japan1991Japan1991
    New Submission
    Cover of Eurotechno, 2003-01-27, CDEurotechno
    Rephlex – CAT 129 CDUK2003UK2003
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    Cover of Eurotechno, 2003-01-27, VinylEurotechno
    Rephlex – CAT 129 LPUK2003UK2003
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    Cover of Eurotechno, 2003, VinylEurotechno
    LP, White Label
    Rephlex – CAT 129 LPUK2003UK2003
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    • lillam's avatar
      Someone needs to do a hi-res release of the visuals ... same goes for VR Cyberdelia (1992), which also needs an audio release
      • bubcentral's avatar
        The only reason this has not been released on dvd yet is as follows:
        Warner brothers who own the rights to it have previously been tough to negotiate with.
        • SoapMacTavish07's avatar
          Edited 6 years ago
          Great album & pressing!

          I happen to love the music on the album, however, that's subjective. Something factual I can say is that this particular release is of very high quality. I purchased mine still sealed, and the record was in a plain white inner sleeve, so nothing special there. The actual quality of the pressing is quite high. The entire album is only around 25 minutes, being more or less evenly split amongst the sides, meaning that this record is quite loud, just like a standard 12" single (the ones I have anyway). There is some noise, but that's typical for a record, try as you might, there will be some noise, it's just the nature of the format. The record doesn't seem to be 180g, but that's ok, not every single record has to be like that, and this pressing still sounds great despite this. I recommend picking this one up, if you happen to like the music of course.

          Overall a great pressing that'll blow out your speakers!
          • andeeplus's avatar
            Edited 9 years ago
            Fantastic, an absolut gem, a true masterpiece. It's a kind of magic.
            • scoundrel's avatar
              Edited 18 years ago
              Stakker's classic soundtrack for EUROTECHNO gets a re-release on Rephlex. Originally released as the musical accompaniment to some computer graphics (a forefather to the "Beyond the Mind's Eye" series), the music veers from one mood to the next, joined together by analog blippery. As an example of proto-acid techno, the music is groundbreaking; the sound itself, however, comes through a little tinny at the start. As well, the main melodic sections (some barely 30 seconds long) sound under-recorded compared to the test tone interludes. But with so many musical ideas running through this album (from the sustained tones on "Part 7" to the ethnic sampling on "Part 14," I wonder how much of the sound was intentional, and how much was simply a mastering issue.

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