Our Kind Of Sabi10:15
Zafe Ko Ida7:33
Song For Martine16:41
Out Of The Sorcellery4:14

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    Cover of Our Kind Of Sabi, 1970, VinylOur Kind Of Sabi
    LP, Album
    MPS Records – MPS 15049France1970France1970
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    Cover of Our Kind Of Sabi, 1971, VinylOur Kind Of Sabi
    LP, Album
    MPS Records – CRM 751, BASF – CRM 751Germany1971Germany1971
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    Cover of Our Kind Of Sabi, 1971-07-00, VinylOur Kind Of Sabi
    LP, Album
    MPS Records – YS-2506-MPJapan1971Japan1971
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    Cover of Our Kind Of Sabi, 1981, VinylOur Kind Of Sabi
    LP, Album, Reissue
    MPS Records – JS-038Spain1981Spain1981
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    • briancopeland's avatar
      A real hidden gem! I first discovered the track, Out of the Sorcellery, on the Giles Peterson: Magic Peterson Sunshine album, the 2016 collection of various MPS artists throughout the years. I liked this song so much that I went in search of the whole album. Like much MPS music, it is unheard of here in the States and hard to get. I can't tell you how many MPS albums I've had shipped from European record dealers after discovering the label some time ago. Only a handful ever made it here.

      The four songs on this album are all quite very good and well-recorded. The B3 Hammond organ sounds great and is unique versus sounding like Jimmy Smith or Larry Young. I actually found some of the playing to be more reminiscent of the first Boston rock album, which would come out 6 years later. The interplay between the bass and the vibes is also very interesting as is the whole album really.

      1970 was a very transitional year in jazz with Miles Davis and others fully entering the fusion realm. This is more straight ahead jazz with a modern (then) bent to it. As a matter of fact, one of the reasons that I'm such a fan of MPS jazz, in general, is both the modern-ness, uniqueness, and faithfulness of the jazz they put out. While also German, it is much different than, say, German label, ECM's modern take on jazz around the same time. I highly recommend the Giles Peterson album and you won't be disappointed if you should happen across a vinyl copy of this one either.

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