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Quasi (Intro)
Taris (Outro)

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    Cover of Dettmann, 2010-04-26, VinylDettmann
    3×12", Album
    Ostgut Ton – OSTGUTLP05Germany2010Germany2010
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    Cover of Dettmann, 2010-04-26, CDDettmann
    CD, Album, Promo, Cardboard Sleeve
    Ostgut Ton – OSTGUTCD12Germany2010Germany2010
    Cover of Dettmann, 2010-04-26, FileDettmann
    12×File, FLAC, Album
    Ostgut Ton – OSTGUTCD12Germany2010Germany2010
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    Cover of Dettmann, 2010-04-26, CDDettmann
    CD, Album
    Ostgut Ton – OSTGUTCD12Germany2010Germany2010
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    3×12", Album, Promo
    Ostgut Ton – OSTGUTLP05Germany2010Germany2010
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    Cover of Dettmann, 2010-04-26, FileDettmann
    12×File, MP3, Album, 320 kbps
    Ostgut Ton – OSTGUTCD12Germany2010Germany2010
    Cover of Dettmann, 2010-05-05, CDDettmann
    CD, Album
    Octave Lab – OTLCD1351Japan2010Japan2010
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    • aldromazos's avatar
      Edited 3 months ago
      A very nice album for background listening, more like a homecore minimal techno experience rather than a club killer/banger.
      • delaneywm's avatar
        masterful, no frills techno music. this and dettmann II are killer. hoping for III someday.
        • sheffieldsound's avatar
          Wow, just been through the sound clips, ten years too late... safe to say I've missed absolutely nothing here. What were people on about?
          • rydimryder's avatar
            Edited 10 years ago
            inspector.godot: As someone who at first felt the same way about Dettmann's debut self-titled album and thinks that Ostgut generally falls under this category these days, I find this a very strong release, particularly if you curate it into an EP of Reticle, Captivate, Silex and Viscous. These are the only tracks I play from the album and each has a unique character and occasion. My favourite is undoubtedly Reticle; so deep and dubby while still having a pitch perfect beat. Captivate was the only track I really dug at first, which is interesting as I no longer derive the same pleasure from it, though this early enjoyment definitely stemmed from its accessibility. The going gets even murkier with Silex and Viscous. I wasn't a fan until I heard them in a mix or two (which is the same way I discovered how great Reticle is), but then I realized Dettmann's sheer brilliance in crafting this legitimate techno album out of tracks that have no business featuring on anything other than a monster EP. Fantastic stuff. Make sure to slow Reticle down a few % for maximum enjoyment!

            P.s. If you're going to bring up MDR nothing tops MDR 04. Lattice and Shatter Proof are timeless, not to mention his role in publishing Nodge's masterpieces. I think it's important to keep in mind that these tracks are first and foremost DJ tools made to keep the party going at just the right intensity. Anything beyond that—i.e. could a Dettmann album really be an album in its truest sense—is just a bonus if you ask me.
            • inspector.godot's avatar
              Edited 11 years ago
              I really can't hear what other people like about this. I enjoyed MDR 06 for its distorted and wonky touch or "Plain" for its funkiness, but this here is just generic, uninspired, flat "standard techno". At least some tracks try to be something special, like "Argon" or "Home", but just don't work out; one reminds of Jeff Mills but not of his drive and energy ("Captivate"); others sound nice in the first place but don't develop at all and get boring after two minutes ("Drawing", "Viscous"). Most of them however do not even try, being just forgettable. The most interesting track maybe is "Irritant", but also this one's not really a great tune. All of this seems somehow typical for a certain kind of style popular in Berlin over the last years - making no one jump, no one freak out, no one even dream away, just monotonously going on and on, boring the hell out of everyone. I'm sorry to say it: All fillers, no killers.
              • samo78's avatar
                Edited 13 years ago
                Massive, brooding techno for those in the "know" and club-goers alike. My vote for one of the best that year, Berlin's finest at top of the hour, and right on time.
                • mystic2975's avatar
                  Edited 13 years ago
                  Deep, Dark & Dirty Techno. Berlin native Marcel Dettmann delivers BIG with his first full length on Ostgut Ton. There's usually a stinker or two on a full length, but not here. Everything is thoughtful and well produced. Definitely a keeper. Don't sleep on this!

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