Ulysses (4)Prisma EP

Style:Trance, Techno, Acid


Other Side :
Dream 'N' Trance8:54
Whales 2 Females6:00
This Side :
R U Ready5:37
K.J's Flight7:15

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    Cover of Prisma EP, 1993, VinylPrisma EP
    12", EP
    Noom Records – NOOM 002-12Germany1993Germany1993
    Cover of Prisma EP, 1993, VinylPrisma EP
    12", EP, Promo, White Label
    Noom Records – NOOM 002-12Germany1993Germany1993
    Cover of Prisma EP, , FilePrisma EP
    4×File, MP3, EP, Reissue, 320 kbps
    Noom Records – NOOM 002-8, Noom Records – NOOM0028, Noom Records – noom 2
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    • industrialgrey's avatar
      Edited 18 years ago
      Stonking 12" release on the noom side ! 4 Tracks all of which easily hold there own, not to mention being able to smash any good dancefloor into tomorrow! and all that just 12 years after being released! ! Excellent, acid, trance and techno tones , as funky as you like but as twisted and dark as you want! This gave me my impression of what I refer to as the 'noom sound' . This was the first release i got from Noom and IMO is one of the best ! The 4 tracks for a start are 4 differnet tracks and not just 1 track and 3 variations ! 10 from 10 so far!
      track A1 - Hard and funky acid trance ! First did the biz for me when partying at in the ORBIT at AFTER DARK in Morley ! Good Shit!
      Track A2 well produced and refined deep trance house style very dreamy but awfully groovy!
      Track B1 Again refined deep trance house style very groovy!complete with Piano riffs and a Jumpin Bassline!
      The star for me is Track B2 and the title sets the ball rolling on this one! i once named a mixtape I did Years ago after this as I felt the title had something more than most! " WHALES 2 FEMALES " Just put it on relax rewind close your eyes and !... get up and JACK YO BODY BITCH! for it is one of my all time groovers with a hard stabbby jackin B LIne which does the shit believe! Quality and Quantity! me want more MR NOOM

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