Faithless - The Dance hparchietekt

June 4, 2018
referencing The Dance, CD, Album, NATE1004CD
Please repress this as an (affordable) vinyl version!! It's about time!!

Faithless - The Dance garbanzokid

November 20, 2017
referencing The Dance, Box, Ltd + 2xLP, Etch + CD, Album + CD, MP + CD, E, NATE1009BX

Very cool boxset for true fans, details the history of the band in a beautifully documented way. Too bad they never did more North American tours. This last album was the weakest of the lot, but the book alone is well worth it’s weight as a collectors piece.

Faithless - The Dance as reviewed by Cardia1

September 20, 2017
referencing The Dance, CD, Album, PIASR 200 CD

This is a very good album, some tracks are really powerful , such as "Tweak your nipple" and "Sun to me", other tracks are of average quality , overall a satisfying production.

Faithless - The Dance as reviewed by unkle1

October 6, 2016
referencing The Dance, CD, Album, NATE1004CD
Very strong album. Unusual for an artist for their best album to be at the end of their career. Ignoring track 2 which is dreadful, almost all the tunes here are very powerful and for those who have followed the band from the early days knows that they are very club orientated and this album is more club related than any other they made. Essentially a come-down album with some very powerful and memorable lyrics. I almost dismissed this album when I first heard it but the more i play it the more it means. Ok they still seem to struggle with the middle of tunes, most tracks on here have a strange part in the middle but they have always done that, it's who they are. Faithless will always be remembered for their beats and meaningful lyrics and this album is them going out with a bang. Thank you Faithless.

Faithless - The Dance as reviewed by danglada

February 5, 2013
referencing The Dance, 13xFile, AAC, 256 + 2xFile, MPEG-4 Video, none

A subpar album on its own terms, let alone as the band's "final" album; you'd think they try to make something memorable. There are a few standouts on the CD, notably the tracks featuring Dido, as well as "Flyin Hi".