Mobility (Aquamix)4:35
Time Signature4:10

Credits (2)

  • Michael Sarsfield
    Lacquer Cut By
  • Moby
    Written-By, Producer, Arranged By


First release was Nov. 1990


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    Cover of Mobility, 1990, VinylMobility
    12", 33 ⅓ RPM, Silver Labels
    Instinct Records – EX-226US1990US1990
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    Cover of Mobility, 1990, VinylMobility
    12", 33 ⅓ RPM, Red Labels
    Instinct Records – EX-226US1990US1990
    Recently Edited
    Cover of Mobility, 1990, VinylMobility
    12", Test Pressing, EP, 33 ⅓ RPM
    Instinct Records – EX-226US1990US1990



    • dr.lloydsdiscs's avatar
      I feel compelled to say that it's the Aqua Mix for me, just utterly demolishes me every time
      • leonardstilwell's avatar
        Great 1st effort from Moby! He already had a maturity as an artist even this early.

        Of course, the standout is the title track. I lean Aquamix as it has that extra ethereal something the original does not. Both mixes are great though. I think 'Time Signature' is an underrated bit of laidback bleepy tech-trance.
        • jancito303's avatar
          I know it is the cool thing to say that Mobility is the track here, but in my opinion the entire EP is strong and Go did end up being the longer lasting classic.
          • acidbearboy's avatar
            Mobility, Go, Time Signature are all included on the CD compilation Early Underground.

            Mobility (Aquamix) is featured on the CD compilation Rare: The Collected B-Sides 1989-1993
            • AtomicCow's avatar
              Funny how time works. This first release by Moby holds up better than anything else he released in the 90's. You could put "Mobility" in a set today and I doubt anyone would notice it's from 1990. Reminds me of Carl Craig's work around the same time as BFC.("It's A Shame" particularly). I still like the rave tracks he made later but they are definitely dated.

              We are lucky that the Outer Rhythm boss liked "Go" because this original version is the runt of the litter here. As Moby tells in his biography "Porcelain", he thought it was weirdly mixed at the time and was surprised that Outer Rhythm wanted to license a remix. We all know what happened next - a huge success, a rave classic and the take off of Moby's career. There's some other funny material in the book about Moby working for Instinct at the time, handling mail and suchlike. He was also the only artist on the label for a long time. Look at Instinct Dance where he has tracks under different names that could make you think Instinct had a whole roster.
              • MISTER_DIA-TRIBE_73's avatar
                Edited 6 years ago
                I remember hearing Mobility being played on Kiss FM by Colin Dale and when it came to the end of this extrordinary track Colin speaks into the microphone and say's something like "Well Colin Favor and myself have just being talking about this track and we both agree, this is definitely the sound of the future"...
                And the Two Colin's were bang on the money!
                An elevating musical journey!...
                I eventually picked up a copy from HardToFindRecords when they used to mail out a little photo copied booklet...
                Way before the internet!


                A tough call between the Original and the Aqua Mix.. It depends on how I'm feeling...

                An elevating musical journey!...
                Reminds of Colin Favor RIP!

                P.s. This goes well with Luke Slater's 7th Pain- Seeing Sense!

                P.p.s. The panning on A1 Mobility 6:15 is totally out there! Enjoy
                • dancemania's avatar
                  Edited 11 years ago
                  Funny thing is that most people don't even know that 'Go' was a B-side track only in the beginning.

                  In a recent interview Moby is telling that they hoped that this track would sell 4000 copies. At the end of the day it ended up selling over 1 million copies ...
                  • robob's avatar
                    'Mobility' is the cut of choice here, deep spacey house with a soft breakbeat rollin' underneath. On the flip the early version of 'Go' without the Twin Peaks sample which later gave him his first worldwide hit.

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