Erik SumoMy Rocky Mountain Remixed #1


The Real Moustache (Vono Box DJs Remix)3:24
Babyfoot Is Off Today (Icasol Remix)7:33
The Real Moustache (Uko Barter Transcription Remix)4:33
Map Of The World (Strauss Fire Escapist Mix)5:41


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    Cover of My Rocky Mountain Remixed #1, 2006-03-13, VinylMy Rocky Mountain Remixed #1
    12", EP
    Pulver Records – PULVER 029Germany2006Germany2006
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    My Rocky Mountain Remixed #1
    4×File, MP3, EP, 320 kbps
    Pulver Records – PULVER 029Germany2006Germany2006
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      The east is going crazy!

      Morricone visiting the Balkan on acid!? The press was falling backwards hand in hand with the audience when celebrating the groundbreaking album “My rocky mountain” by Hungary-based Erik Sumo. Now, “groundbreaking” is a term used far too often lately to still be taken seriously, but this album certainly broke something. It had heads of reviewers and record shop owners smoking over finding the right spot to sort this album at. Elektro Jazz, World Breaks, Eastern House? Taking up the cudgels for at least a dozen genres, indeed, Erik Sumo was all over the place with that album when filling bars and lounges as well as dance floors from Budapest to the Rocky Mountains. And of course the newspapers and magazines. Raving and ranting folks out there, without a question there were remixes of these fabulous tracks to be made. And not wanting to hold back with any, we decided to bring you two EPs packed with exciting new interpretations of the new born eastern star.

      Vinyl #1 brings you the Hungarian Vono Box DJs tight remix of “The Real Moustache” that throws the big beats wildly over the plains of the Magyars. Robert Strauss, the Yoruba releasing Canadian, is drawing a slow “Map Of The World” that’s soulfully down with it and quite grounded, putting some electrified tension into the relaxed original version. The flipside turns up the volume with an irritating double-tempo approach, deepest in the realms of house when Icasol takes on “Babyfoot Is Off Today” which impressively shows, how up the young Pulver talent is to today’s sound aesthetics. Uko, from the surroundings of Erik Sumo, is loading an electric Balkan flamenco with a mutated Spanish guitar and a slow motion bass, for everybody to trip out trippy.

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