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    Cover of Suspiria, 1977-05-11, VinylSuspiria
    7", 45 RPM, Stereo
    Cinevox Record – MDF 107Italy1977Italy1977
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    Cover of Suspiria, 1977, VinylSuspiria
    7", 45 RPM, Stereo
    Cinevox Record – MDF 107, Z (2) – E.K.B.M 520Turkey1977Turkey1977
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    Cover of サスペリア = Suspiria, 1977, Vinylサスペリア = Suspiria
    7", 45 RPM, Stereo
    Odeon – EOR-20264Japan1977Japan1977
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    7", 45 RPM, Record Store Day, Reissue, Purple
    AMS Records (6) – AMS 4503, Cinevox Record – MDF 107/1Italy2016Italy2016
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    • mhrobbins25's avatar
      Really neat little package. I absolutely adore this soundtrack and I'm a huge fan of 7" 45s. Art reproduction is excellent and glossy on a thick cardstock sleeve, and the little mini fold-out poster insert is a nice touch, print quality is great on the insert as well. The "purple" vinyl, as the other commenter has stated, is a neon transparent pink, but still looks awesome. The side A label on my copy had some creasing on it, likely a QC oversight from the pressing plant. Sound/pressing wise, this release is pretty solid. Both sides are very punchy, rich, and dynamic. They were able to fit a lot of fidelity into those tightly packed grooves. Hauntingly spacious, crisp, and airy, not a touch of compression or muddiness anywhere- this'll make your hair stand on end. My only gripes with this release are that the disc is packed raw into the jacket, no inner sleeve whatsoever, which was surprising for a modern 7" release. My other minor issue was that the there's some surface noise in the beginning of the A-Side, which is a shame as the intro to "Suspiria" is very quiet and sparse- however this noise clears up after a few seconds, and the rest of the A-Side and B-side are absolutely silent. Really fun listen and addition for the Suspiria/Dario Argento/Goblin fan, especially if you can get it in the $10-15 range.
      • dumaisaudio's avatar
        Sticker says it's Purple, but it is a Transparent Pink, almost neon. Insert is slightly smaller than the 7", folds out with a variation of the cover and rear art.

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