Pendulum (3)Genesis1:09
Pendulum (3)Salt In The Wounds6:39
Pendulum (3)Watercolour5:04
Pendulum (3)Set Me On Fire5:03
Pendulum (3)Crush4:14
Pendulum (3)Under The Waves4:55
Pendulum (3) Feat. Liam HowlettImmunize4:37
Pendulum (3)The Island - Pt. I Dawn5:20
Pendulum (3)The Island - Pt. II Dusk4:10
Pendulum (3)Comprachicos2:49
Pendulum (3)The Vulture4:04
Pendulum (3)Witchcraft4:13
Pendulum (3) Feat. In FlamesSelf Vs Self4:46
Pendulum (3), Steven WilsonThe Fountain5:01
Pendulum (3)Encoder5:21

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    Cover of Immersion, 2010-05-24, CDImmersion
    CD, Album, Stereo
    Warner Bros. Records – 5051865948827, Ear Storm – 5051865948827Europe2010Europe2010
    Cover of Immersion (Limited Edition), 2010-05-24, Box SetImmersion (Limited Edition)
    Box Set, Limited Edition; CD, Album; 2×12", Album, Limited Edition
    Warner Bros. Records – 2564680914, Ear Storm – 2564680914UK2010UK2010
    Recently Edited
    Cover of Immersion, 2010-05-24, CDImmersion
    CD, Album
    Никитин – 4690355002390Russia2010Russia2010
    New Submission
    Cover of Immersion, 2010, CDImmersion
    CD, Album, Enhanced; DVD, DVD-Video, NTSC; All Media, Unofficial Release
    Warner Bros. Records (2) – 25475 1/2, Warner Bros. Records (2) – 4607147899588Russia2010Russia2010
    Recently Edited
    Cover of Immersion Instrumentals, 2010-05-21, CDrImmersion Instrumentals
    Not On Label – none20102010
    New Submission
    Cover of Immersion, 2010-05-24, CDImmersion
    CD, Album
    Warner Bros. Records – WPCR 13847Japan2010Japan2010
    New Submission
    Cover of Immersion, 2010-05-24, CDImmersion
    CD, Album
    Warner Bros. Records – 5186594882, Ear Storm – 5186594882Australia2010Australia2010
    Recently Edited
    Cover of Immersion, 2010, CDrImmersion
    CDr, Album, Numbered, Promo
    Warner Music – noneUK2010UK2010
    New Submission
    Cover of Immersion, 2010, CDImmersion
    CD, Album
    Warner Bros. Records – 5051865948827, Ear Storm – 5051865948827Ukraine2010Ukraine2010
    New Submission
    Cover of Immersion, 2010-05-24, CDImmersion
    CD, Album, Promo
    Warner Bros. Records – WPCR-13847Japan2010Japan2010
    Cover of Immersion, 2010, CDrImmersion
    CDr, Album, Promo
    Chrysalis Music Group USA – noneUS2010US2010
    New Submission
    Cover of Immersion (Deluxe Edition), 2011-01-16, FileImmersion (Deluxe Edition)
    28×File, AAC; 8×File, MPEG-4 Video
    Warner Music UK Ltd. – noneUK2011UK2011
    Recently Edited
    Cover of Immersion, 2011-01-25, CDImmersion
    CD, Album
    Atlantic – 2-525854, Ear Storm – 2-525854US2011US2011
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    Cover of Immersion, , CDrImmersion
    CDr, Promo
    Not On Label – noneUKUK
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    • Risingson's avatar
      Edited 9 months ago
      They got famous with "Hold your colour", but a year before they released this and in the 13 years after they have been living out of the success of Immersion via live shows and others. It's campy, cheesy and incredibly catchy, with tracks that can be used and were used in all kind of commercials and tv series. Honestly I admire this - releasing a work that is not considered the apex of quality by the canon but stays ever relevant for more than one decade.
      • shorty0165's avatar
        i should have bought it when i had an offer for 110€ three years ago :(
        • farenheit451drum's avatar
          My set includes everything listed including the t-shirt, everything has been left unopened except the vinyl LPs took them out of the inner sleeves and put them in audiophile rice paper poly sleeves.
          • nitro-burner's avatar
            Can anyone confirm whether the Mould SID Code (CD) of 'IFPI 05M9' is definately correct?

            I have a copy of the album where the CD's code is 'IFPI 05M6'. The CD may have been substituted, but I wonder if the '6' was read incorrectly as '9' in the discogs submission?

            • Matt-THE-Geeza's avatar
              For me this album is OK, some boring tracks on here but a couple or few good ones. The stand-out track by far though is Pendulum Feat. Liam Howlett (of The Prodigy) "Immunize". Wow. What a great tune! The level of energy on this track compared to the rest of the album is phenomenal!
              • hamrecords's avatar
                We need a vinyl rerelease of this album please !
                • Alyxxandria's avatar
                  Edited 7 years ago
                  I got into Pendulum with In Silico and while I agree the old stuff is pretty good, in Silico and Immersion are what Pendulum is to me. Emotional tracks with great hooks and riffs and a very pleasing mix of rock and dnb. Rob's soaring emotional vocals also help drive the music a lot and Immersion might have the most variation in styles on a single Pendulum album. Encoder is probably my favourite track on the album, ending with some bittersweet lyrics that always gets me.

                  While a lot of people might not like Pendulum's direction after Hold Your Colour, to me this is their best album.
                  • TheGlitchGuy957's avatar
                    What Does The Acronym 'OBI' Stand For In The Notes Section Of The Release?
                    • netdiscs's avatar
                      is there a version without the t-shirt?
                      • powerstone05's avatar
                        Edited 13 years ago
                        Anyone familiar with the band knows of their rough history, which began right from the start of their career with their 'clownstep' like sound, and then further trouble emerged with unauthorized DJ mixes, and then the move to a more commercial sound. However, these changes in the end work greatly.

                        First off, its about time the US got a CD release (about 8 months after the original release) as some of these tracks are some of their best works. And now onto the juicy details. Following the intro, the album version of "Salt In The Wounds" segues in which shows a similar structure to their earlier track "Slam". "Watercolour" gives off a fantastic fluid mood of raw emotions mixed with brass instruments. "Set Me On Fire" is possibly the highlight of the album with its quick sudden riffs and mysterious sounding rhythms in loving dubstep form. "Crush", I found weak and uninteresting (however the vid is a good mind-boggler open to interpretation). "Under The Waves" & "Immunize" are average D&B tracks exhibiting some of the Pendulum roots. "The Island" is another highlight, exhibiting a very dreamy-like feel in part 1, then going D&B into part 2. "Comprachicos" & "Witchcraft" fall similar to "Crush" although the latter has a catchy riff. "The Vulture" marks the first (and maybe only) time that I actually admire "The Verse" as his vocals just scream "REBEL!", simply put, they work here. "Self Vs Self" shows a unique side of Pendulum with this collaboration with death metal group 'In Flames'. "The Fountain" is also a good pick here featuring vocals from Porcupine Tree vocalist Steven Wilson. And we end with "Encoder", a great end similar in structure to "The Tempest". The water themes on this album (and the previous) seem to refer to Pendulum's interesting (and controversial) 'fluid' change in sound from D&B to commercial synth-rock. Overall, a great album 4/5. Pick this one up if you can get a deal on it. Keep it up Pendulum!

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