State 808*Newbuild

Style:Acid House


Flow Coma5:57
Dr. Lowfruit (4 A.M. Mix)7:27
E Talk3:55

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    Cover of Newbuild, 1988-08-00, VinylNewbuild
    LP, Album
    Creed Records – STATE 002UK1988UK1988
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    Cover of Newbuild, 1988, VinylNewbuild
    LP, Album, Promo, White Label
    Creed Records – STATE 002UK1988UK1988
    Cover of Newbuild, 1999-04-19, CDNewbuild
    CD, Album, Reissue
    Rephlex – CAT 080 CDUK1999UK1999
    Cover of Newbuild, 1999-04-16, VinylNewbuild
    3×12", Album, 33 ⅓ RPM, Reissue
    Rephlex – CAT 080 LPUK1999UK1999
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    Cover of Newbuild, , CDNewbuild
    CD, Album, Reissue
    Rephlex – CAT 080 CDUKUK
    Cover of Newbuild, , CDNewbuild
    CD, Album, Reissue
    Rephlex – CAT 080 CDUKUK
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    • daviddgrant's avatar
      An unbelievable pressing and with so many acid vibes, that started a music journey for 808 state. A true classic album and must have. Also an album you will not find on iTunes / Spotify etc. Youtube, CD or Vinyl are the only places you will find it.
      • DJ_Dusty's avatar
        Still one of my favourite acid house/ techno records even after 30 years
        • matt2011's avatar
          Edited 3 years ago
          This is one of those albums that seems to be criminally underrated through the years. I heard this in 1988, 16 years old, and my life changed forever. This was the most alien music I'd ever heard, and it still holds up today. I would easily put this in the top 20 greatest electronic albums ever produced, and that is not an overreaction -- this record is just that good.
          • ICALLEDU_909's avatar
            Excellent we thought out piece of music ! The Best ! Martin price is a genius in music !
            • schtel's avatar
              30 years old! Playing it today for the umpteenth time.
              • djdstone's avatar
                A masterpiece - pure and simple. Still sounds fresh today and you can't say that about many albums from this era. Everything was downhill from here.
                • exranza's avatar
                  Narcossa is the highlight. The groove on this track is insane.

                  UK Acid peaked at its creation!
                  • acidica's avatar
                    Edited 10 years ago
                    Surely One of the greatest acid lp`s to ever be produced
                    • Barry_Crumbcheeks's avatar
                      Utter masterpiece of brain frying acid snap clang and squelch. Rhythms programmed with less thought for jack and his house than emulation of the snapping on and off of neural connections as burbles, growls, clonks and echoing voices scour your brain folds clean. What it amounts to in my mind is a late 80s equivalent of the rawest 60s psych, the same frazzled immediacy and lysergic urgence and emergence, messy and liberated/liberating. A high water mark for 808 state and for acid, i think, as all these ideas pour out at this same time from the collective unconscious. A similar blend of rawness and acid dissarray versus primal rhythm to, say, Interstellar Overdrive, only in this the spaces are the cavernous and dark warehouses of the mind and midwinter northern england, echoing with disorientated voices, dripping water, shorting electrics and machines threshing out sequences of fourth dimensional chatter and chants to each other. There's not often you'll find 'acid' quite as unique minded as this. Still just as effective and weird 22 years on. Also check Prebuild for some foundations, diversions, and the electronic meltdown that is thermokings. Benchmark album.
                      • scherben's avatar
                        Edited 12 years ago
                        808's best work by a mile, with the A side alone worth the price of admission. Hot squelchy aciiiiid programmed expertly by Gerald and lots of madness programmed by the listening brain.

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