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AFX*Chosen Lords

Style:IDM, Electro, Acid


Aphex TwinFenix Funk 55:06
AFX*Reunion 25:15
AFX*Crying In Your Face4:29
AFX*Boxing Day6:50
AFX*Batine Acid5:34
Aphex TwinXMD 5a7:58

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Cover of Chosen Lords, 2006-04-10, CDChosen Lords
CD, Album, Compilation
Rephlex – CAT 173 CDUK2006UK2006
Cover of Chosen Lords, 2006, CDChosen Lords
CD, Album, Compilation, Promo
Gold Disc/Ejector Case
Rephlex – CAT 173 CDUK2006UK2006
Cover of Chosen Lords, 2006, CDrChosen Lords
CDr, Album, Compilation, Promo
Chrysalis Music Group USA – noneUS2006US2006
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Cover of Chosen Lords, 2006, CDChosen Lords
CD, Album, Compilation, Unofficial Release
MG Records (3) – T-1518ARussia2006Russia2006
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Cover of Chosen Lords, 2009-12-00, FileChosen Lords
10×File, Compilation, WAV
Rephlex – CAT 173UK2009UK2009
Cover of Chosen Lords, 2018, CDrChosen Lords
CDr, Album, Compilation, Unofficial Release
Star Line (7) – SL18232Russia2018Russia2018
Chosen Lords
CD, Album, Compilation, Reissue
Rephlex – CAT 173 CDUKUK
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squishmusic's avatar
Edited one year ago
I dont have a favourite AFX/AphexTwin album or track per se....bcoz all are gems in their own rights. But if I have my 'entireMP3collection' on random play and one of these tracks comes up I will usually go back and play the whole damn album; as an album these tracks are so gelled together and you gotta hear them together as a family. So thats my vibe I wanna push on this LP. It is very much CHOSEN by me.
ForsYard's avatar
Is there a pattern to the disc label arrangement collage? I get that they are the vinyl label sides for all the tracks included but the placement seems random.

Great choices but it surprises me W32.Deadcode.A didn't make it on. Plenty of other great tracks not included from an incredible series of 12" though.
Cardia1's avatar
My favorite compilation by AFX. Very strong tracks with a good game of sounds, tunes and rhythms, they sound dark, somehow melancholic and also nostalgic. My top track here is "Cilonen"
Doomguy13's avatar
Edited 2 years ago
I have a variation of this that has only Scott's contact information on the back, along with a CDr with printed contact information on it, similar to this Thom Yorke promo:

This is unlike the Analord 1-4 promo CDs put out by Chrysalis ( ) which have labels put over the top of the CDr with no information. Is there any reasoning for this or simply however they chose to make these (internal?) promos?
shiz_miner's avatar
I hd a funny feeling this was pressed in the past....must've been "Mandela effect" again...eugh
raymondcf73's avatar
Well, a good friend of mine has all of the analord EP`s.
I have the chosen lord.
You expect that the compilation is somekind of a best of...
Well, it isn`t.
There are some very good tracks missing here..
On the other hand, if AFX put all the best tracks on this cd, the analord-series wouldn`t be wurth nothing.
Music sounds a bit dated aswell.
"recorded between 2003/2005" .
Almost sounds it comes from the early 90`s.
skull_fracture's avatar
If only Phonatacid was on this cd i would be perfect.
6Joyrex9's avatar
No Analord 02 :(
(Bwoon Dub)
badhack's avatar
I absolutely loved "Crying In Your Face" and "PWSteal.Ldpinch.D", but for some reason many of the tracks failed to move me. Don't get me wrong most were great, just not amazing. If this was the first time I had ever heard RDJ I'm not sure I'd buy the disc. However I am an RDJ fan so I think I'll download the entire Analord series and give it another go.
Nepthys's avatar
This will sound contentious, but I like the Analord series the most of James' recent work. I like how the use of old gear imposes some limitations and how one can become inspired within that context to really push the gear. True Chosen Lords doesn't display the best compositions however it does afford the casual listener a glimpse into the Analord sound aesthetic.