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    Cover of Now Thing, 2001, VinylNow Thing
    2×LP, Compilation
    Mo Wax – MWR 145LPUK2001UK2001
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    Cover of Now Thing, 2001-09-24, CDNow Thing
    CD, Compilation
    Mo Wax – MWR 145 CDUK2001UK2001
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    Cover of Now Thing, 2001, CDNow Thing
    CD, Compilation
    Sum Records (2) – 2283-2Brazil2001Brazil2001
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    • costarizo's avatar
      Bought that compilation when it was out and realised that if you listen to dancehall without vocals it turns out that it's much more interesting to people into techno/electronic stuff because you realise how forward thinking and technoid the riddims made in jamaica are and you start wondering how these guys manage to stay on the edge and always one step ahead !
      makes you (like me ) start collecting the seveninches just for the hot riddims.
      I think that this is an essential compilation for someone who is an electronic/techno beathead to get into the dancehall stuff.
      (ask hardwax recordshop in berlin who stock the seveninches just for the riddims)
      top !
      • peepfunk's avatar
        I bought this compilation thinking that it would be a nice little selection of <b>interesting</b> dancehall beats, useful for djing out with, mixing in with a band etc. It actually turns out that, without the vocals/toasting over the top, the beats alone sound weak and instead of interesting, just plain boring.

        Give me a nice heavy dub sound every time!

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