Aldous HardingWarm Chris

Style:Art Rock, Indie Rock


Tick Tock
Warm Chris
Passion Babe
She'll Be Coming Round The Mountain
Staring At The Henry Moore
Leathery Whip

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    Cover of Warm Chris, 2022-03-25, VinylWarm Chris
    LP, Album
    4AD – 4AD0391LPUSA & Canada2022USA & Canada2022
    New Submission
    Cover of Warm Chris, 2022-03-25, FileWarm Chris
    10×File, AIFF, Album
    4AD – noneUS2022US2022
    New Submission
    Cover of Warm Chris, 2022-03-25, CDWarm Chris
    CD, Album
    4AD – 4AD0391CDUK, Europe & US2022UK, Europe & US2022
    Recently Edited
    Cover of Warm Chris, 2022-03-25, VinylWarm Chris
    LP, Album
    Flying Nun Records – FN605LPNew Zealand2022New Zealand2022
    New Submission
    Cover of Warm Chris, 2022-03-25, VinylWarm Chris
    LP, Album
    4AD – 4AD0391LPEurope2022Europe2022
    New Submission
    Cover of Warm Chris, 2022-03-25, VinylWarm Chris
    LP, Album
    4AD – 4AD0391LPAustralia2022Australia2022
    New Submission
    Cover of Warm Chris, 2022-03-01, VinylWarm Chris
    LP, Album, Test Pressing
    4AD – 4AD0391, 4AD – 4AD0391LPUSA & Canada2022USA & Canada2022
    New Submission
    Cover of Warm Chris, 2022, CDWarm Chris
    CD, Album
    Flying Nun Records – FN605CDNew Zealand2022New Zealand2022
    New Submission



    • Bavvers's avatar
      I'm not having any major issues with this pressing. Yes, there is a little bit of surface noise in a few places, but there is hardly any warp. Great album this, I really like AH!
      • SuperNate's avatar
        I originally took a pass on the vinyl release of this based on the issues people were reporting on the other versions of this otherwise great album, however, I’m happy to report that this Australian pressing sounds fantastic!

        I decided to take a shot based on finding a copy for a great price and was a little pessimistic when I noticed on unpacking that it was very slightly warped (as reported on the other releases too. That, and I don’t typically hold out much hope for local pressing companies here in Australia, but, Program Records (whoever you are!) have done a stellar job.

        If you’ve lucked out with the other versions, this could be worth a shot (or maybe it’s just luck of the draw…).
        • Pin-Bot's avatar
          I took a chance on this and now sorry that I did. Only a slight bit of warp and looked to be perfectly clean, but starting off side 1 sounds like I have a crackling fire in the background. Never done this before but I'm going to see if my local record store will take this back as defective. It pains me to listen to it.
          • abukuba's avatar
            Superb album. The pressing is pretty good although mine is a bit noisy in places. Pretty happy with the quality though.
            • Paulmaq's avatar
              I have had 2 copies now and both were warped to the point of actually being concave. Very crackly too, especially on the b-side. My vacuum cleaner couldn't improve either of them
              • unmarked_space's avatar
                great album, but yet another pressing with lamentable quality control. both, initial copy and replacement were warped. giving up on this one
                • mr_tricolore's avatar
                  Like others, I experienced the unpleasant build up of weird gunk on the stylus from playing my copy. The distortion it caused was unbearable. The first 2 wet cleans did very little and I resorted to cleaning wth methylated spirit followed by another wet clean with distilled water and isopropyl alcohol. The metho affected the label a fair bit but I must say that the record now sounds amazing and gunk no longer builds up on the stylus. It is a stunning record, beautifully mastered, but I've no idea what the pressing plant did to produce such dirty wax!
                  • carterwrombouts's avatar
                    my copy sounds great, no surface noise and mastered well. slight warp but it doesn't affect play
                    • Luke.Will's avatar
                      Another Great album by the alternative Folk Genius that is Harding…… in my opinion.quality pressing.
                      • cfsteiner's avatar
                        Lots of crackle and pop on both sides (especially bad on the first track). Cleaned it twice with my vacuum cleaner but no improvement.

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