Jeff MillsExhibitionist - A Jeff Mills Mix

Jeff Mills - Exhibitionist - A Jeff Mills Mix album cover


Jeff MillsAX-009F Segment 30:43
Jeff MillsCondor To Mallorca1:03
Oliver HoOrganic Synthetic2:11
Samuel L. Session*New Soil (Dances D'Afrique Rmx)1:19
Jesper DahlbäckLaget Hans0:55
Alan BarrattZulu Nation Part IX : The End - The Witch Doctor (Remix)1:02
Octave OneBlack Water0:49
Ben SimsMoments (Dope Mix)1:57
Victor SimonelliBateria - Latin Impressions (UK Gold Remix)2:15
Troy GearySlipped Again0:52
Paula TempleContact1:10
Oscar MuleroB2 From CR0071:40
HeadroomRide The Threshold2:10
Jeff MillsThe Bells1:24
Samuel L. Session*Ricoque1:25
Monika Kruse & Zafra NegraLatin Lover (Voodooamt Aka Patrick Lindsey Remix)1:22
Jeff Mills"The" Part 11:16
Jeff MillsPreview1:42
Danilo VigoritoKnap1:40
Andreas SaagCamborele1:22
John ArnoldRespectall2:26
Jeff MillsTango1:47
Jeff MillsUntitled1:15
Dan MarchSand Dune1:20
Paul MacMore Over1:36
Gary MartinLong Summer Nights1:56
Aaron HedgesWatching Me1:16
DJ RushMidnight Confessions1:30
Mark WilliamsTalking Voices2:36
Jeff Mills4 Art0:53
Jeff MillsFantastica1:00
Samuel L. Session*Core1:12
Jeff MillsUntitled2:10
Jeff MillsSugar Is Sweeter1:43
DJ ZankFinger Four1:22
Jeff Mills"See" Part 31:29
Claude Young / Jeff MillsThought Of Phutura Side B1:16
Jeff Mills"The" Part 32:15
Jeff MillsNative High0:45
Jeff Mills"Light" Part 31:44
Jeff MillsAlarms (Ben Sims Mix)3:15
Jeff MillsConclave To Chapter 21:35
The Aztec MysticAguila2:57
Jeff MillsSee This Way1:35

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    Cover of Exhibitionist - A Jeff Mills Mix, 2004-01-09, CDExhibitionist - A Jeff Mills Mix
    CD, Compilation, Mixed
    Axis – AXCD-041US2004US2004
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    Cover of Exhibitionist - A Jeff Mills Mix, 2004-01-09, CDExhibitionist - A Jeff Mills Mix
    CD, Compilation, Mixed
    React – REACTCD245UK2004UK2004
    Cover of Exhibitionist - A Jeff Mills Mix, 2004, CDExhibitionist - A Jeff Mills Mix
    CD, Mixed
    Music Man Records – MMCD023Belgium2004Belgium2004
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    Cover of Exhibitionist - A Jeff Mills Mix, 2004-01-09, CDExhibitionist - A Jeff Mills Mix
    CD, Compilation, Mixed
    Axis – AXCD-001Japan2004Japan2004
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    Cover of Exhibitionist - A Jeff Mills Mix, 2004, CDrExhibitionist - A Jeff Mills Mix
    CDr, Mixed, Promo
    React – REACTCD245UK2004UK2004
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    Cover of Exhibitionist - A Jeff Mills Mix, 2004-01-09, CDExhibitionist - A Jeff Mills Mix
    CD, Mixed
    React – REACTCD245, Axis – noneUK & Europe2004UK & Europe2004
    New Submission
    Cover of Exhibitionist - A Jeff Mills Mix, 2004, CDExhibitionist - A Jeff Mills Mix
    CD, Compilation, Mixed
    Axis – SM008 CD, SonarMusic – SM008 CDSpain2004Spain2004
    Cover of Exhibitionist - A Jeff Mills Mix, , FileExhibitionist - A Jeff Mills Mix
    45×File, WAV, Compilation
    React – REACT245UKUK
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    • MarkusAudio's avatar
      If i can get through the first 20 minutes of a mix bobbling my head it means the DJ is really good...and normaly it takes like five to six tracks mixed...In the "Exhibitionist" Jeff Mills goes beyond grabbing me with the mix, he blends a superb selection...better than "Live in Tokyo" IMHO
      • czechkid's avatar
        I understand the view of people that think this Mix is mixed poorly, but really you can't look at the tracks and how well they are blended you have to look at the over all story that is being told. Personally I think the mixing of this CD is one of the best I have ever heard. I think that Jeff Mills is one of the best composers, Artists, DJs, and Pioneers there ever was. The style put into this mix happens to be the best style out there, in my opinion.
        • diskoboy's avatar
          Edited 17 years ago
          This mix is by no means flawless, but there are people like me out there that LIKE hearing a flub up now and then or a pop in a record. While there are some rough spots, there are also some pretty damn rockin ones and listening to how Jeff put together certain tracks gave me ideas for my future sets/mixes.
          Definatly a great CD if you're into Jeff.
          • Pseventeen's avatar
            Edited 18 years ago
            This mix takes a bit of a different direction to what I would have expected from a Jeff Mills dj mix. There was a LOT of tracks on here that I was somewhat surprised to hear him play. But I guess I shouldn't be too surprised because he shares a passion of playing good music, much like contemporaries May, Francois K, Juan Atkins, etc, and not letting himself be pigeonholed into one sound/style. Which leads me to my next thought. The mix itself doesn't seem to follow any sort of flow, as compared to his "Live At The Liquid Rooms". This mix is a very cool collection of tunes, but I think Jeff could have done a lot better than this.
            • phuriphonics's avatar
              Edited 18 years ago
              An interesting one this. I enjoy Mills mixes regardless of technical faults because he has a unique way of arranging tracks by using the 'best' part of an individual record (sounds curiously similar to Kool Herc's ethos of using the break as opposed to the whole track) the best example of this being his Liquid Rooms mix, which still has the energy to leave me reeling.
              Strange then that I found 'Exhibitionist' leaving me a little deflated - bored even. It's not so much the mixing (a few dodgy moments, but even the best of us have 'off' days). No, the problem for me was the music. It was dull and uninspiring. Even the 'better' parts of some of his selection left a whole lot to be desired. Unimaginative and plagarised samba rhythms are slowly becoming the undoing of techno, and here we have a whole host of them tainting the mix. You know it's dubious when you hear 'The Bells' in a mix and think that it's refreshing!
              I know that to compare the Liquid Rooms mix to this contemporary mix is a trifle unfair due to the different production values, techniques and influences used back in the early to mid 90s, but I strongly feel that a large part of techno has lost the edge that made it a forward facing, different and futuristic sounding. On this mix it is almost difficult to differentiate between productions because most of the tracks seem to derive from the loop driven formula that Mills inspired and shaped with his Purpose Maker output. But the difference is that instead of shaping, manipulating and striving for new sounds and ideas, the majority of records featured on this mix poorly imitate what Mills was trying to achieve...almost 10 years ago!!!
              I recently listened to Mills being interviewed and he said that he no longer uses samples, and he doesn't remix tracks anymore. He strives to create original audio concepts. Perhaps his yearning for originality will be picked up on by his admirers and contemporary producers who use him as a reference point for their often questionable creativity. A case in point being Ben Sims remix of 'Alarms' which is just the usual 'Hardgroove' rinse out that will no doubt set dancefloors on fire, but personally leaves me feeling that I have heard it all before.
              • P.M.'s avatar
                I assume this was unrehearsed (as usual) and recorded in one take, 'warts and all'.
                This is a true picture of the man in the mix pushing the limits of what he can spontaniously achieve with 3 decks & it's pretty staggering, despite the few mistakes.
                I'd never seen someone (remain so calm) holding 2 tracks & a 909 in the mix while searching through his record box for a particular tune (not just the next one in the pile) before I saw him play at the Theckla in Bristol on the Purposemaker tour.
                There are very few dj's who put in the kind of effort he does, constantly searching for new combinations.
                In my experience, the few times I've seen him, he tends to split his sets into two or three 'acts' with their own destinct vibe, you can hear that on this CD as well as the Live @ The Liquid Rooms mix.
                • yan's avatar
                  I'd like to know other peoples views on this but the mixing on this is a bit dodgy to say the least. One of the tracks jumps at the end three or four time and eventually Jeff just pulls it out the mix.

                  The whole production seems a bit of a mess. There is even a gap between tracks 10 and 11. I'm surprised they released it as it is.

                  Awesome tracks though.

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