The Rapanthem4:42
Fake Emotion3:23
Die Clubnummer4:33
Vote Or Die5:14
Ziq Zaq5:27
Kill Bill Vol. 46:24
I Love You6:34

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    Cover of Hello Mom!, 2005-05-27, VinylHello Mom!
    2×12", Album, 33 ⅓ RPM
    BPitch Control – BPC 115 CD/LPGermany2005Germany2005
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    Cover of Hello Mom!, 2005-09-26, CDHello Mom!
    CD, Album
    BPitch Control – BPC 115CD/LPGermany2005Germany2005
    Cover of Hello Mom!, 2005, CDHello Mom!
    CD, Album, Promo
    BPitch Control – BPC 115, BPitch Control – BPC115 CD/LPEurope2005Europe2005
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    Cover of Hello Mom!, 2005-09-26, FileHello Mom!
    14×File, AAC, Album
    BPitch Control – BPC 115US2005US2005
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    • scoundrel's avatar
      Modeselektor's debut, HELLO MOM!, is a pure party machine -- it's incredibly catchy and even more fun, from the electro-crunk "Dancingbox" which both utilizes the French rap from TTC and chops it up into its component parts, to the slower, take on video game themes of "Tetrispack." There's a bright energy to the tracks, like on "The Rapanthem," though they're just as adept at being moody and atmopsheric, as on "Vote or Die." The dip into dub with the more meditative "Fake Emotion" and build the layers of sound and grandeur with "In Loving Memory." For the me, the album really takes a leap forward with the Middle Eastern-inspired broken beats of "Hasir" and the jittery breaks of "Silikon," with humorous lyrics from Sasha Perera. An incredibly fun album from start to finish.
      • Lady-Miss-Kier's avatar
        Rated 4/5
        Totally crazy album which is hard to describe.
        Some techno tracks a bit broken beat, nonsense talking in german berlin dialect.
        Check out Die Clubnummer, Silikon-MDSLKTR, I love you and Kill Bill.
        • dlukask's avatar
          This album is just plain sick.

          I like that the LP is tracked differently than the iTunes version. I like it more. I first got this on iTunes and was used to that sequence. But this makes a lot more sense. Especially since the best two songs (IMO) are on side D. I almost think that if A,B and C were messed up, I'd be fine just listening to Kill Bill Vol. 4 and I Love You. Luckily that isn't the case though. The music reminds me a lot of the more upbeat, sunnier sides of Aphex Twin. Melodic and 'tronic. It's a BAMFA. (Badass Motherf*cking Album)
          • Edited 18 years ago
            A Great album of what they defined themselves as "Eurocrunk" (accoring to TTC who said their "Bâtards Sensibles" was a kind of European Crunk). Gernot Bronsert & Sebastian Szary made an album where they juggle with different styles, from the minimal techno anthem (Kill Bill Vol. 4) to electronic hip-hop (Dancing Box featuring TTC or The Rapanthem), ambient (Vote Or Die) or also 8bit/video game music (Tetris Pack) without problem, they always manage to keep the groove and style from end to end. All the tracks are very good and original but i must say that's a shame they plagarized As One's "38 Thousand Feet" (from "Elegant Systems" released on Versatile) on "I Love You".
            • koekeeghan's avatar
              Edited 18 years ago
              Great album that goes with the Bpitch style. It has some very experimental stuff like Tetris that is a bit too much for my taste but the rest is great. Esprecially Dancingbox with its cut-up vocals is very innovative and cool.

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