Jeff Mills ‎– Blue Potential (Live With Montpellier Philharmonic Orchestra)



Opening 2:07
Imagine 5:40
The March 5:48
Time Machine 3:38
Eclipse 6:14
Entrance To Metropolis 4:36
Keaton's Theme 5:03
Daylight 2:49
The Bells 5:44
Gamma Player 7:00
4Art 4:23
Medium C: The Urge To Swirl Alone In A Pool Of Ridicule 9:12
Amazon 5:42
See This Way 6:02
Sonic Destroyer 5:10
Concert 85:00
Documentary 28:00
Jeff Mills Interview 28:00
Studio Tutorial 19:00
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December 16, 2014
referencing Blue Potential (Live With Montpellier Philharmonic Orchestra), DVD, 5.1, HD, Tresor 223 DVD
releases where the tracks came from:

1 Opening

2 Imagine
At First Sight
Label: Axis
Catalog#: AS-002

3 Man from Tomorrow
Cycle 30
Label: Axis
Catalog#: AX-008

4 The March
At First Sight
Label: Axis
Catalog#: AS-002

5 Time Machine
Time Machine
Label: Axis
Catalog#: AX-800 (025)

6 Eclipse
Label: Axis
Catalog#: AX-018

7 Entrance to Metropolis
Label: Axis
Catalog#: AX-022

8 Keaton’s Theme
9 Daylight
Three Ages
Label: MK2 Music
Catalog#: 6120062

10 The Bells
Kat Moda EP
Label: Purpose Maker
Catalog#: PM-002

11 Gamma Player
Label: Axis
Catalog#: AX-012

12 4 Art
4 Art / UFO
Label: Axis
Catalog#: AX-024

13 Medium C - The Urge To Swirl Alone In A Pool Of Ridicule
Label: Axis
Catalog#: AX-009ef

14 Amazon
World 2 World
Label: Underground Resistance
Catalog#: UR 020

15 See this Way
At First Sight
Label: Axis
Catalog#: AS-002

16 Sonic Destroyer
Sonic Destroyer
Label: Underground Resistance
Catalog#: UR 013.5


August 15, 2012
edited over 5 years ago
referencing Blue Potential (Live With Montpellier Philharmonic Orchestra), CD + DVD, UWe-CD-8
I wasn't aware of this release until i found it out recently! And what a great and ambitious undertaking. To make techno music classical and in reverse. It doesn't matter if the musicians of the orchestra couldn't keep the pace with the 909 in some parts. The perfection of the musical execution wasn't the point here definitely. However having the spirit of Bela Bartok 's emerge from a piece like Medium C or imagining that Igor Stravinsky has co written The Bells is clearly a huge performance. I could mention Sergei Prokofiev or Claude Debussy and the list would go on and on with other tracks in equivalence with great composers but the crucial point here is that Jeff Mills created electronic techno music that opens revolutionary the boundaries of imagination and this is exactly the reason why he has it's legitimate place amongst these enormous classical composers!!


May 19, 2009
referencing Blue Potential (Live With Montpellier Philharmonic Orchestra), CD, Album + DVD, PAL, Tresor 223
Don't expect perfect synchronity between a classical orchestra and a 909 when listening to this. Good musicians aren't sequencers. An orchestra works because all musicians involved constantly adjust their tempo and listen to each other. Although the conductor sets the tempo, he is a silent element. Mills' 909 however isn't, and given the fact that even a very skilled drummer won't be able to play a constant beat without varying between 10-20 bpm, the orchestra plays incredibly tight.

The title fits this project - this is about showing potential, not perfection. In other words, this is as Techno as it gets - new music unlike anything you ever heard before, pushing boundaries, irritating and fascinating the listener. Listening to this in one go definitely will help you to get adjusted to the special musical setting behind this record.

Mills could have simply let the orchestra play his pieces on its own. He and the orchestra deserve huge respect for having the guts to take the road less travelled. The result is mindblowing.


December 30, 2006
edited over 10 years ago
referencing Blue Potential - Live With Montpellier Philharmonic Orchestra, CD + DVD-V, Copy Prot., Multichannel, PAL, Dol + ,, UWeDVD07

"Sonic Destroyer" is for me, the most Mills-directed composition on this CD. Other tracks were more of the French classical music composer.

If you want to have another version of "Sonic Destroyer," then this release is for you. Only "Sonic Destroyer" is definitely worth the whole purchase.


August 3, 2006
edited over 11 years ago
referencing Blue Potential - Live With Montpellier Philharmonic Orchestra, CD + DVD-V, Copy Prot., Multichannel, PAL, Dol + ,, UWeDVD07

Detroit son Jeff Mills furthers his adventures in Sound, with this truly spellbinding musical experience. Being a massive fan of the orchestra & the ever changing palette that is music, I find myself listening to this many times recently. Amazing how this must have been conceived in the first place. Placing some of Jeff Mills' back catalogue classics into orchestrated music form. Brilliant!
To a new listener, this could be a great soundtrack to an emotional wallop of a film with overtones of techno underscoring an overwhelming, technologically progressed society & it's story of it's inhabitants battling the evil forces of it's opressors. My personal highlights are; 'Gamma Player'-always a classic either way, now injected with powerful orchestral strings, brass & woodwind instruments..check this out at least, it's truly hair-raising! 'Imagine' seems to suggest a hope & a god given right to move forward to do great things. Soaring orchestral solos like 'Medium C' & 'Daylight' etc without Mills' involvement hold your attention all the way.
'The March', with it's pounding bassline complimented with bass drums & slightly melancholic strings, truly suggest it's artist's intentions, as he notes to the crowd. 'The Bells' opens well with Bell Chimes & the orchestra really have all the cards here & rightfully so, holding it all together,Mills adding the undercurrent hi-hats & beats. There maybe moments when the synchronisation falls apart slightly in parts of this album, but that i feel adds to it. This is an artistic demonstration of how music boundaries can be blurred, imaginations fired & entertained as well as quash genre types. I hope we hear more artists like this engage in more of these projects. I must give utmost respect to the Orchestrator Thomas Roussel who had the hard work of projecting this to the orchestra & it's varying elements, as well as the Conductor Alain Altinoglu, keeping it in time as best he can. Soaring, imaginative & compelling.