Epigenetic Modulation4:23
Neural Impulse Actuator - Mirror Neuron6:16
Visual Cortex3:53
Cerebral Data Download 2100 A.D.4:53
Cerebral To Cerebral Interface4:53
Cerebral - AI Entanglement4:28
Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation4:07

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    Cover of Neurotelepathy, 2022-04-14, FileNeurotelepathy
    10×File, ALAC, Album, 24 bit, 44.1 kHz
    Leisure System – noneGermany2022Germany2022
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    Cover of Neurotelepathy, 2022-04-14, FileNeurotelepathy
    10×File, FLAC, Album, Stereo, 24 bit, 44.1 kHz
    Leisure System – noneGermany2022Germany2022
    Cover of Neurotelepathy, 2022-06-10, VinylNeurotelepathy
    2×12", 45 RPM, Album
    Leisure System – LSR026Germany2022Germany2022
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    Cover of Neurotelepathy, 2022-09-00, CDNeurotelepathy
    CD, Album
    Leisure System – LSR026 CDGermany2022Germany2022



    • Check_Mate's avatar
      My Sleeve was heavily damaged due to poor packaging by the Leisure System shop. They tried to blame DHL but the records had not been taken out of the sleeve for shipping in the first place.
      The pressing is not good either. They refused to send me a new copy (they literally stated that I had the records at least which are fine to their standards and that the cover sleeve is not that important) but offered to send me a new sleeve which they never shipped.
      After another complaint via mail- contact they stopped responding all together.
      I refuse to buy anything again from this label. Very poor!!
      • brueboe's avatar
        It is amazing how Dopplereffekt have suceeded again in taking their music one step further. Research, experimentation, science, technology indeed. By far upfront.
        • maukerodermond's avatar
          Amazing music, but when first played there are already pops at two of the tracks (most annoying one is at the end of D3, ruining one of the most beautiful parts of the whole album!) so really disappointed by the pressing...

          • player's avatar
            Electro-Ambient with a experiential Si-Fi edge. Music made by advanced AI from a robotic future-past...Top stuff!
            • krozfader's avatar
              Edited one year ago
              Both vinyl are badly warped, if this is the best the pressing plant can do they should better stop...
              Great music, bad media... We all invested hard earned money in an inferior product...
              • TrickyDisco777's avatar
                1st class release.Seminary music.Light years ahead of the rest.All their catalogue is full of masterpiece's.Nothing to prove.Their contribution makes the whole genre richer.Must have.Enjoy!
                • Rosa-Edel's avatar
                  My copy is also wavy but plays perfectly.
                  According to the distribution, the pressing plant reported after the complaint about the pressing that the bending in the vinyl is within the absolute tolerance range and the sound is not affected. It is "only" an optical defect. A pity, of course, but in the end the record runs smoothly and sounds great.
                  • dpfrag's avatar
                    Edited one year ago
                    EDIT: contacted the label and they were great and offered to send out another copy of the first record.

                    EDIT 2: the replacement never turned up, contacted the label again and this time got no reply... NOT GOOD!

                    Great album but the pressing could be better. Some of the kicks feel very muffled and muted and the track 'Neuroplasticity' skips three times for me on the kicks. There is also some crackle throughout and my Side A/B is pretty badly warped. Anyone else run into these issues?
                    • peter-vinyl's avatar
                      Edited one year ago
                      I played it at 33 RMP on accident (cause the sleeve/labels don't say nothing) ;-) Still sounded pretty cool.
                      • BigBasher's avatar
                        God, who listens to this rubbish?! Lay down some sinister-sounding pads, tweak some drums until they're barely recognisable, add some bleeps and blurps but make sure they don't accidentally create a melody and DONE! Awful, anti-music. And I like electronica.

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