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    Cover of K, 2010-06-00, CassetteK
    Cassette, Album, Mixed, Limited Edition, Numbered, C60
    Further Records – Fur018US2010US2010
    Cover of K, 2010-08-01, VinylK
    2×12", 33 ⅓ RPM, Album, Limited Edition, Partially Mixed, Green, Transparent
    Further Records – FuR 018US2010US2010
    Recently Edited
    Cover of K, 2010-08-00, VinylK
    2×12", Test Pressing, White Label, Album, Partially Mixed
    Further Records – Fur018US2010US2010
    Recently Edited
    Cover of K, 2010-09-00, VinylK
    2×LP, Album, Limited Edition, Partially Mixed
    Further Records – FUR 018US2010US2010
    Cover of K, 2010-06-00, CassetteK
    Cassette, Album, Mixed, Limited Edition, Numbered, C60, Alternate artwork
    Further Records – Fur018US2010US2010
    New Submission
    Cover of K, 2011, CDK
    CD, Album, Mixed
    Further Records – Fur 018US2011US2011
    Cover of K, 2011-04-27, CDK
    CD, Album, Mixed
    Further Records – FUR018CDJPJapan2011Japan2011
    New Submission
    Cover of K, 2014-04-00, FileK
    7×File, FLAC, Album, Reissue, 24 bit
    Further Records – FUR 018US2014US2014
    Cover of K, 2014-06-23, VinylK
    2×12", 33 ⅓ RPM, Album, Limited Edition, Reissue
    Further Records – FUR 018US2014US2014
    Recently Edited
    Cover of K, 2014-06-23, CDK
    CD, Album, Limited Edition, Mixed, Reissue
    Further Records – FUR018US2014US2014



    • omission's avatar
      I would do impure things for a copy of this cassette.
      •'s avatar
        Edited one year ago
        such a classic soundtrack for cozy autumn nights. the lovely ending, K7, is for the heads; ambient acid at its loveliest.
        • calmwind1's avatar
          It's the best album ever made, happy to debate this till the end of days with any willing participant.
          • zevulon's avatar
            Edited 2 years ago
            As often is on this site, a record reportedly issued in 100 copies, is "owned" by 141.
            Still glad that I got a copy, as I do prefer the coloured variants, but this probably looks nice in black vinyl as well, no doubt, and, it is about the music, at the end of the day (which happens to be the best time to play it anyways ;)
            • Z3roid's avatar
              Superb album of mesmerising, hypnotic Ambient Techno.

              Few artists have crafted a catalog as rich and deep as Donato Dozzy has done in minimal techno’s more atmospheric realm. The Italian producer—who also performs in the excellent Voices From The Lake duo with Neel—has become revered for his unerring ability to create tracks that are at once ethereal and oceanic, inducing both a sense of tranquility and urgency. His debut album, K, which Further Records originally issued in 2010, stands as a towering example of Dozzy’s skill for electronic music that triggers profound feelings with only a few scrupulously selected elements.

              K’s seven untitled tracks offer a masterly seminar in subtly altering the grid-like beat programming that dominates techno. Dozzy puts odd emphases on certain beats and adds percussive eccentricities and effects to others. Which means that this isn’t a collection of bangers geared for hands-in-the-air, goofball moves. Instead, Dozzy’s working on a much more refined level, one where tricky, intricate drum patterns trump simple booming kicks—although track 3’s staunch, methodically funky kick and hi-hat pattern and track 5’s swift and elegantly propulsive beats could heat up a club.

              The greatest pleasures of K occur in the way Dozzy’s eerie, aquatic drones swirl around his well-wrought rhythms, submerging everything in a restorative, algae-tinged film. At their best, these pieces convey a Chain Reaction-like rigor and a cinematic quality (of the Jacques Cousteau variety) utterly devoid of cliché. This reissue of K reminds us that it remains a crucial component of Donato Dozzy's catalog, the first major statement in a career that's becoming a manifesto of understated, underground-techno brilliance.
              • sonofawidow's avatar
                Edited 4 years ago
                for anyone curious or confused:
                correspondence of vinyl tracks with mixed sequence on all CD versions:
                CD track 1 = C1 [K4] > A1 [K1*] > A2 [K1*] > B2 [K3]
                CD track 2 = D1 [K6] > C2 [K5] > B1 [K2] > D2 [K7]
                (*though the 2014 vinyl release combines A1 + A2 into K1, i love that first part so so so very much that i always consider it a separate entity)

                what's also kinda strange, as others have noted: the cassette release lists 9 tracks (same with 2 entries for the 2010 vinyl edition – that last "Untitled / Untitled" on D1 throws me off, even more so if that's the mythical extended version of K6)... yet another entry of that same vinyl edition contains 8 tracks... and then the 2014 vinyl release condenses it all to just 7 tracks. i'd love nothing more than to get my hands on the CS or specific vinyl editions (allegedly either the colored or TP variants) to hear any possible differences for myself.

                absolutely adore this record regardless. for me K lives up to all the hype thrown at it, rightfully earning its place amongst the finest achievements of the past decade in techno. as much as Dozzy's catalogue is packed with greatness, this one will never cede the throne, with the VFTL s/t firmly sitting at its right hand.
                • bosscat2's avatar
                  Side D outer edge and run in groove are damaged most likely during pressing. Anyone else?
                  • wes_mcgee's avatar
                    agreed. still loving it.

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                    • andrevass's avatar
                      This is a masterpiece. No more words needed, a favourite for years.
                      • mungbeansoup's avatar
                        Does anyone get static artefacts on K7? All the other tracks are perfect.

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