Plug And Delay4:50
The Red Line8:59

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    Cover of Ship-Scope, 2001-12-07, VinylShip-Scope
    12", 45 RPM
    Chain Reaction – CR-34Germany2001Germany2001
    Recently Edited
    Cover of Ship-Scope, 2001, VinylShip-Scope
    12", Promo
    Chain Reaction – CR-34Germany2001Germany2001
    Cover of Ship-Scope, 2015-10-29, VinylShip-Scope
    12", 33 ⅓ RPM, Limited Edition, Reissue, Remastered
    DDS – DDS014UK2015UK2015
    Cover of Ship-Scope, 2015-10-29, FileShip-Scope
    4×File, FLAC, Remastered
    DDS – DDS014UK2015UK2015
    Cover of Ship-Scope, 2015-12-00, CassetteShip-Scope
    Cassette, Limited Edition, Reissue, Remastered
    DDS – DDS014CASSUK2015UK2015
    Cover of Ship-Scope, 2015-10-29, FileShip-Scope
    4×File, MP3, Reissue, Remastered, 320 kbps
    DDS – DDS014UK2015UK2015
    12", Test Pressing
    DDS – DDS014UK2015UK2015
    New Submission
    Cover of Ship-Scope, 2018-05-03, VinylShip-Scope
    12", 33 ⅓ RPM, Limited Edition, Reissue, Remastered, Repress, Blue
    DDS – DDS014UK2018UK2018
    New Submission



    • keto's avatar
      Remastering this is like retouching Mona Lisa. How could anyone ever dare touch anything mastered by Moritz von Oswald? And then release it on FLAC and Cassette? What kind of world have we created.
      • isma.'s avatar
        Edited 6 years ago

        Original vs repress :

        I first bought the repress, wasn't happy with sound quality. Then bought the original release from 2001 to compare. I was really disappointed with the sound again. The original unfortunately sounds exactly like the youtube videos, back ground noise, too much tape hiss, muddy sound. I was hopping that it was a bad Youtube upload before i bought the original but the vinyl (VG+) actually sounded the same. Great music, really poor mixing/mastering compare to the album Butterfly Effect.

        DDS actually did a good job with the remastering, especially if the original source is vinyl. They obviously did some EQing, removing unwanted frequencies/noise, the kind of thing that you start doing during the mixing, on separate elements of a track. The fact that it's done on an already mastered track is that you end up by loosing interesting tones, you have less flexibility basically. Therefore the repress doesn't sound great but it's definitely not worse than the original, it's a bit clearer, less muddy.

        I ended up by selling the original, and kept the repress which isn't that bad at the end...
        (Here's a picture that i uploaded with both version together.)
        • GouryellaIV's avatar
          does the remastered version sound better than the original?
          • sunny_daze's avatar
            Edited 6 years ago
            Anybody know whats playing at the end of red line?
            • Scooby_do's avatar
              Why would it have been remastered from vinyl as opposed to just pressed again from the master?
              • theFBI's avatar
                So this was ripped off a vinyl copy, with present audible artefacts, including some messed up panning here and there, and then pressed again on vinyl. Figure out yourself how much such a remaster is worth.

                FYI - it is, of course, the same rip that's sold as digi on boomkat and junodownload. You can literally hear the needle being put on vinyl at the beginning of The Red Line.
                • Akzidenz's avatar
                  whats the story here? did the repress come and go already?! If thats the case...Honestly i really can't fathom the thinking behind limiting quantities of long out of stock represses - especially those with such popular demand. Surely its about getting the music out to new audiences and those who genuinely appreciate the music but cant afford to be victims of discogs profiteering...
                  • whiteawakening's avatar
                    very very good pressing - surprised to hear it was mastered from vinyl?
                    redeye taking pre orders if you missed out at boomkat fyi
                    • Bradx's avatar
                      Found this in a bargain bin on the floor of a record shop for £2 and in perfect condition. It's a task to get down there with the state of my knees - but well worth the effort in this case. Reminds me of why I like to look through cardboard boxes of records.
                      • sunnyb's avatar
                        beautiful, moving record.

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