Paolo NutiniLast Night In The Bittersweet


Through The Echoes
Acid Eyes
Stranded Words (Interlude)
Lose It
Petrified In Love
Children Of The Stars
Heart Filled Up
Shine A Light
Take Me Take Mine

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    Cover of Last Night In The Bittersweet, 2022-07-01, VinylLast Night In The Bittersweet
    2×LP, Album, Limited Edition, Numbered, Picture Disc, Paisley Zoetrope
    Atlantic – 0190296191886Europe2022Europe2022
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    Cover of Last Night In The Bittersweet, 2022-07-01, VinylLast Night In The Bittersweet
    2×LP, Album
    Atlantic – 0190296224706Europe2022Europe2022
    New Submission
    Cover of Last Night In The Bittersweet, 2022-07-01, VinylLast Night In The Bittersweet
    2×LP, Album, Limited Edition, Green [Clear Green]
    Atlantic – 0190296224713Europe2022Europe2022
    New Submission
    Cover of Last Night In The Bittersweet, 2022-07-01, CDLast Night In The Bittersweet
    CD, Album, Stereo
    Atlantic – 0190296224690Europe2022Europe2022
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    Cover of Last Night In The Bittersweet, 2022-07-01, VinylLast Night In The Bittersweet
    2×LP, Album, Limited Edition, White Marble
    Atlantic – 0190296224713UK2022UK2022
    Cover of Last Night In The Bittersweet, 2022-07-01, CassetteLast Night In The Bittersweet
    Cassette, Album, Stereo
    Atlantic – 5054197150043Europe2022Europe2022
    New Submission
    Cover of Last Night In The Bittersweet , 2022, VinylLast Night In The Bittersweet
    LP, Test Pressing, White Label
    Atlantic – 0190296224706UK & Ireland2022UK & Ireland2022
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    • Boss_Rocka's avatar
      Very nice pressing especially given it’s a colored/ marbled variant. There is some surface noise here and there, but much goes away with a good cleaning and what little bit there is isn’t over the top. I would say the standard black version does sound noticeably better. Content wise, it very well could be Palio’s best album to date. The amount of genres covered here and influences nodded to are off the chart.
      • PaulJP54's avatar
        The quality of the vinyl and sleeve is is the great music of Paolo Nutini.
        But soundwise it's very poor. No dynamics at all, boomy bass, no sparkling in the music, or voice.
        This music deserves so much better sound quality.
        • bowlshapedworld7's avatar
          Edited one year ago
          I had pre-ordered the green clear album but it did not include the art-card or the 7-inch.
          • AylesburyDuck's avatar
            Edited 7 months ago
            Great music but the vinyl is probably the noisiest new vinyl I've ever had. Very noticeable at the start of each side and in the quiet passages, but can also be heard in the loud segments which is not good at all. Will update after I've given it a good wash if the noise is reduced.
            • jimac1's avatar
              Love this album, holding off playing it every other day, there is a lot going on but he ties it in wonderfully,

              • Lekkere_Boterham's avatar
                Great pressing, very much detail and depth. Nothing out of this world, but everything you would want.
                • EliRobillard's avatar
                  For a guy who wanted to escape the spotlight (or so the story goes), this is an incredibly radio and TV friendly release. Expect to hear the first few tracks everywhere you hear music in 2022. Radio, Through the Echoes, and Acid Eyes will all be earworms alternating between praise and curse. They are also a tour through a variety of styles and feels, and once we get past Stranded Words - a goosebump-raising bridge in brogue - we reach the ground-level soundscapes inhabited by Paolo since dropping out of view post-Caustic Love. Lose It powers through with distorted vocals and a driving beat, to my ears it sounds like a tribute to Aussie punks Eddy Current Suppression Ring in their Primary Colours glory days. Petrified In Love is a rootsy burner with a Casio-fuelled chorus. Shine A Light brings back the production of the earlier tracks building into Nutini's trademark soaring gravel. The rest range from acoustic guitar campfire fodder to heartfelt ballads, but they all pretty much hit their mark. Conclusion: This is a stunning return to form and then some. Different from the soul-driven Caustic Love but just as powerful, it marks an evolution back into the spotlight for a great singer and solid songwriter who's far from done with the biz.
                  • 4-On-The-Floor's avatar
                    Edited one year ago
                    Did anyone else receive a slightly warped copy? both of mine (disc 1 and 2) were slightly warped and the first 30 secs of side A jumps a bit. they offered to replace, this was 11 days a go now so have had to email them again to chase this up, almost get the impression they were hopping I would forget, no chance (this is still in the cardboard mailer ready to hand over when they replace!)
                    • Scott_Middleton's avatar
                      Copies like this don't come around often. It sounds impeccable — dynamic and pure silence in the quiet parts. My side C/D disc is pure white and not marble. Not a problem, though, as it looks great. 5/5.
                      • davosmall83's avatar
                        It's taken me a few listens for this one. First listen this album sounded mediocre and boring apart from a couple of tracks. After 4 or 5 listens its sounded better with every listen. Paolo delivers again on this one for me and yet again he has progressed into a slightly different sound and so this album, much like the previous albums is a very unique piece of work. His voice, his music, his words, his melodies, his uniqueness is all shown on this album. A solid 9/10 from me for the music.

                        I love the fact that blood records release limited versions of albums which are limited to a reasonably small enough amount to make something worth getting on preorder, and these zoetrope pictures discs are fantastic, especially when viewed with a strobe light. Blood records pressings are very good in regards to sound quality as well imo. My copy has arrived needing a clean though and the clear pvc sleeve and hand written numbered sticker show that Blood Records need to have more care when it comes to packaging.

                        Maybe a nice cardboard sleeve and decent inner much like the Fontaines DC release. I agree it's nice to have a clear sleeve showing off the picture disc but these sleeves are not the best for storing the record at all. There are better clear sleeves available than these. And again, who did the hand written numbers on these? It just looks untidy and scruffy!!

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