Masami Akita & Russell HaswellSatanstornade



Fend Off Your Miserable Grief3:00
Unlock The Mysteries Of The Sun17:22
Track 513:50
Testicular Fortitude13:24

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    Cover of Satanstornade, 2002-11-25, CDSatanstornade
    CD, Album
    Warp Records – WARPCD666UK2002UK2002
    Cover of Satanstornade, 2002-11-25, VinylSatanstornade
    LP, Album, Special Cut
    Warp Records – WARPLP666UK2002UK2002
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    Cover of Satanstornade, 2002, CDSatanstornade
    CD, Album, Promo
    Warp Records – WARPCD666P, Warp Records – WARPCD666UK2002UK2002
    Cover of Satanstornade, 2002-11-25, CDSatanstornade
    CD, Album
    Warp Records – WARPCD666, Beat Records – BRWP666Japan2002Japan2002



    • sdwilson's avatar
      not hellish imo, it's pretty psychedelic, noise passes over your head and swirls around the room, pretty trippy stuff.
      sounds and looks fantastic on vinyl.
      • darknlow's avatar
        Edited 12 years ago
        In my opinion, what makes this release so special is the fact that it was released on Warp. Once again this legendary label brought a not so pop music style closer to the public and for that it deserves deep respect. Music wise is one of the decent Merzbow experiments worth checking out.
        • thewintman's avatar
          Edited 17 years ago
          If the ground was to crack and the gates of hell were to open, this is what would be heard. Four tracks of devilish sonic mastery designed to split ears and bust guts.
          If you're looking for some nice mood music to entertain the women in your life, you'd be well advised to give this a miss. However, for a life changing, mind expanding trip into the bowels of hell... This is the one.
          You have been warned.
          • FLuViRuS's avatar
            Edited 17 years ago
            Not for the faint-hearted. This ominously-titled Warp666 recording forebodes brutal scenes from a purgatory. Unlike some Masami Akita's recordings where the sounds growl, churn and grind in a loud but dispassioned way, this 4-track tour-de-force leaps out of your headphones, explodes in your ears, splinters, transfixes and mummifies you into a terrifying blind of electronic hell where even angels fear to tread: The static stutters uncontrollably, the bass loops itself over and over, unearthly metallic screeches hiss, stab, and attack mercilessly, and the angry, wailing maelstrom of electronics gone horribly wrong conjures up terrifying visions of a cursed dimension. This record drags the listener - kicking and screaming - helplessly inwards, into the abyss of the Underworld: He is compelled to experience fear, pain, and awe. Satanstornade. After this violent, psychotic trip from Hell, the listener is never the same again.
            • Edited 18 years ago
              I don't hesitate for a moment when I say that the Satanstornade album is one of the finest releases ever to be tagged "noise" as well as easily the most revolutionary product that Warp has put out in the 21st century. While so many so-called "noisicians" plod along in the faded footprints of Masami Akita's past, this collaborative embrace of extreme digital sound decimates the half-hearted and bumbling attempts of imitators. Do yourself a favor and listen to this entire album in one sitting for the full, brutal experience.
              • eiskristall's avatar
                I suggest, this release has the potential to be a tiny "avantgarde" record. Never heard this forms of abstract noises before. Very hard to put it into a style category, would say it is between Industrial and a kind of "minimal broken hardcore" sound. It would be interesting what real avantgarde bands (in their earlier times) like Einstürzende Neubauten or Cabaret Voltaire would have an opinion about the music...

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