SecedeVega Libre


Vega Libre11:49
Vega Libre: The Citadel3:35
Vega Libre: The Marvel9:18
Vega Libre: Entering Next5:10
Vega Libre: Last Hours3:56
Vega Libre: Sleeping World11:04
Vega Libre: Tetsu Inoue Remix5:48

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    Cover of Vega Libre, 2007-01-08, CDVega Libre
    CD, Mini-Album
    Sending Orbs – SO 007Netherlands2007Netherlands2007
    Cover of Vega Libre EP, 2007-01-08, VinylVega Libre EP
    12", EP, Limited Edition, Orange Translucent
    Sending Orbs – SO 007 EPNetherlands2007Netherlands2007
    Cover of Vega Libre, 2007-01-08, FileVega Libre
    7×File, MP3, 320kbps
    Sending Orbs – SO 007Netherlands2007Netherlands2007
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    • reganjeremy's avatar
      it's annoying that the 12" doesn't include all the tracks
      • WildDragon.'s avatar
        This album needs a reissue so bad!!!! I get to listen to it at a friend's house and I was blown away. I got also Tryshasla and Secede never disappoints.
        • spaceghost617's avatar
          Phenomenal, absolutely phenomenal. There is so much mood and emotional encapsulated into this album. From beginning to end its a journey of melodies, emotions and hypnotic energy. Beautifully composed, beautifully mastered. Its a melodic trip of soundscapes, beats and much much more. Love it.
          • Dwarrel's avatar
            Edited 9 years ago
            Pretty much disappointing compared to Tryshasla.
            • councilof9's avatar
              Edited 11 years ago
              So much praise for Tryshasla, and not a single word for this magnificent 45 minute journey. I've only recently heard music from Secede and I was instantly charmed by his incredible story-telling production style. I spent about 10 years listening and exploring psychedelic side of chill out music and my own psyche with it, but, as much as it sounds cliche, i feel really enlightened by this music and i can freely say i haven't heard combination of quality, creativity and innovation like this in a very long time. It's incredible what goldmine i discovered Sending Orbs are after finding out there's much more than Yagya... In short, I'm completely hooked and blown away. It is really an another world of sounds and sensations, it brings me to a state of mind very close to one i have when, for example, listening to Hallucinogen In Dub. Quality of Secede's output is something i won't talk about. This guy juggles with so many sonic elements with so much detail, at every moment, that is impossible to follow only one sound, or particular type of sound, like it is case with so many ambient or, yeah i'm gonna say it, IDM albums. Instead, it sucks you up in this colorful vortex of melody and harmony, taking you deep down and through many places and finally launching you out into orbit, free and careless. This album is essentially a 12 minute long masterpiece Vega Libre and variations of it, plus a remix from Tetsu Inoue which nicely, but maybe unnecessarily, draws you to an ending of this mini album. I guess, for those who didn't hear this, it would be best to not listen preview samples for this. This album (like Tryshasla) is meant to be listened from 1st to last second, and by listening online you may spoil elements of surprise and possibly not achieve eargasm i had while listening it for the first time. I was really lucky with this one, because i found it accidentally at friend's place, but this one is rare gem! I wanted to buy my own but Sending Orbs are out of stock. Needs repress! Warmest recommendation from acidland

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