D.R.I.*Live At CBGB's 1984

Style:Hardcore, Punk


I Don't Need Society1:32
Commuter Man0:48
Balance Of Terror0:56
My Fate To Hate0:22
Who Am I0:30
Money Stinks0:41
Human Waste0:19
Yes Ma'am1:39
Dennis' Problem0:47
Closet Punk0:39
How To Act1:02
Give My Taxes Back0:47
Equal People0:41
On My Way Home0:51
Bail Out0:46
The Explorer1:30
Slit My Wrists0:21
Stupid War0:59
Counter Attack0:14
I'd Rather Be Sleeping1:16
Running Around1:08
Couch Slouch1:23
To Open Closed Doors0:30
God Is Broke1:15
Soup Kitchen1:50
Sad To Be1:57
War Crimes1:03
Draft Me0:23
First Round Draft Choice0:30
Capitalist Suck0:33
Mad Man1:13
Misery Loves Company0:42
No Sense1:34
Violent Pacification4:04

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      Deleted notes from item:

      D.R.I. (Dirty Rotten Imbeciles) were among the first bands to meld hardcore punk and thrash metal, and remain among the best groups to have attempted that crossover. Counting fans of both genres among their own, the Texas-grown group was loud, fast, political, and angry. The show featured here took place at New York punk staple CBGB's, and allows audiences to travel back to 1984 to witness the mayhem that was a D.R.I. concert. Held in the same year that the band released their EP VIOLENT PACIFICATION, the concert shows the group at their best, with a violent energy that demands to be heard. Also included are highlights from another show on the same tour, held at the Masonic Temple in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, as well as skate footage from Kristian Svitak's 2004 European tour. The footage combines to make this release an important document of punk rock history, both in the past and in the making.

      In the middle of one of the most explosive HC sets ever caught on camera, D.R.I cranked it up and let loose in CBGB's, the spiritual home of HC, and for the first time, you can be there, watching the band do what they do best, tearing the walls down with

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