Neil Young + Promise Of The RealNoise & Flowers



Mr. Soul4:33
Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere2:46
Field Of Opportunity4:17
Throw Your Hatred Down9:03
Rockin' In The Free World9:52
Comes A Time3:31
From Hank To Hendrix5:02
On The Beach7:27
Are You Ready For The Country3:32
I've Been Waiting For You3:43
F***in' Up7:17

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    Cover of Noise & Flowers, 2022-08-05, VinylNoise & Flowers
    2×LP, Album, Dutch Pressing
    Reprise Records – 093624883111Worldwide2022Worldwide2022
    Cover of Noise & Flowers, 2022-08-05, CDNoise & Flowers
    CD, Album, Stereo
    Reprise Records – 093624883135Worldwide2022Worldwide2022
    Cover of Noise & Flowers , 2022-08-05, Box SetNoise & Flowers
    Box Set, Deluxe Edition, Numbered; CD, Album, Stereo; Blu-ray, Album, Stereo; 2×LP, Album, Stereo
    Reprise Records – 093624883104Worldwide2022Worldwide2022
    Cover of Noise & Flowers, 2022-08-05, Blu-rayNoise & Flowers
    Blu-ray, Album, Stereo
    Reprise Records – 075993996135Worldwide2022Worldwide2022
    New Submission
    Cover of Noise & Flowers, 2022-08-05, VinylNoise & Flowers
    2×LP, Album, Argentinian Pressing
    Reprise Records – 093624883111Worldwide2022Worldwide2022
    New Submission
    Cover of Noise & Flowers, 2022-08-05, CDNoise & Flowers
    CD, Album, SHM-CD
    Reprise Records – WPCR-18538Japan2022Japan2022
    New Submission
    Cover of Noise & Flowers, 2022, CDNoise & Flowers
    CD, Album, Stereo
    Reprise Records – 0093624883135Brazil2022Brazil2022
    New Submission



    • RoloKoala's avatar
      Edited one year ago
      According to these are the recording dates:
      01. Mr. Soul - Berlin, Waldbühne, 3.7.2019
      02. Everybody Knows This is Nowhere - Berlin, Waldbühne, 3.7.2019
      03. Helpless - Berlin, Waldbühne, 3.7.2019
      04. Field Of Opportunity - Berlin, Waldbühne, 3.7.2019
      05. Alabama - London, Hyde Park, 12.7.2019
      06. Throw Your Hatred Down - Kilkenny, Nowlan Park, 14.7.2019
      07. Rockin' In The Free World - Berlin, Waldbühne, 3.7.2019
      08. Comes a Time - Dresden, Filmnächte am Elbufer, 2.7.2019
      09. From Hank To Hendrix - Antwerpen, Sportpaleis, 9.7.2019
      10. On The Beach - Antwerpen, Sportpaleis, 9.7.2019
      11. Are You Ready For The Country? - Antwerpen, Sportpaleis, 9.7.2019
      12. I've Been Waiting For You - Amsterdam, Ziggo Dome, 10.7.2019
      13. Winterlong - Mannheim, SAP Arena, 5.7.2019
      14. F...In Up - München, Olympiahalle, 6.7.2019
      • stonecutter1's avatar
        I just received my copy and it sounds excellent. I did spin clean it before I played it. I pretty much clean everything new or old before I play it.
        The lp itself is fantastic. One of Neils great live lps. Actually prefer this to some of the vintage live lps.
        Good stuff!!
        Agree on the inner sleeves. Cheap crap compared to the rest of the release.
        • Slothful_Sloth's avatar
          I like the choice of tracks, but to me it sounds like an almost unedited live recording or bootleg. The recording doesn't sound bad, but kind of thin.
          • super-fuzz's avatar
            Anyone noticed that..?
            On 2 copies out of 2:
            Terrible, Terrible Hiss that seems like a bad scratch from the acoustic guitar tracks on side 3 ("Comes a Time" and "From Hank To Hendrix" particularly affected, which seems to be a mastering or pressing problem because this thing actually affects just these 2 songs, but in a way that makes them almost unlistenable.)
            Bought it after having the cd for a while and the cd sounds awesomely clean in comparison.
            • mikkris's avatar
              Lovely album, NY sounds pretty.... young, or rejuvenated. The sound has a lively feeling, which is not a bad thing on a live recording. The quality of the vinyl is perfect, no pops, clicks or other flaws, totally flat and well centered, and it comes in polylined inners, which is rare these days. The songs are not just the same old goodies, but more rarely visited numbers are included. Fans, go grab!
              • emmedidischi's avatar
                I like this album, a lots and i believe it captures a very good performance from Neil Young and The Promise of the real. Love to hear Neil’s Gibson screaming.
                Good print, strange reverb, as someone else wrote, but very enjoyable. I like this.
                • fritzelectric's avatar
                  This is an absolute must-have for Neil Young fanatics like myself. For the average Neil fan, you may wanna skip it and look elsewhere for one of his many other live releases. But for me, this is a fantastic documentation of just how good Neil is! At 74, he is just so damn fantastic! The quality of the recording isn’t perfect. In fact there’s a tad too much reverb in the mix but it gives a great “live” effect. Like your standing somewhere toward the back of the hall. If this was a bootleg it would be 5/5 stars. I love it.
                  • cataldoto's avatar
                    Neil + POTR are fine its the shit background Noise (minus the Flowers) throughout wow snap, crackle and pop, terrible.
                    Luckily its Live and most gets drowned out by music but not used to this from a Neil release!
                    • vinyljunkie1966's avatar
                      Music-wise this would rate more like a 5/5 but the vinyl they stuck in this box set is manufactured in Argentina and is littered with surface noise and surface scratches that results in repetitive “ticking” especially on side 1. The clear plastic inner sleeves are way oversized and are inappropriate for the LP jacket. I had to replace with my own inner sleeves that fit any normal LP jacket. The quality control of the vinyl here is pretty bad and not what I would expect from a Neil Young release. The CD and Blu ray discs are fine but avoid this if you are primarily buying it for the vinyl. Look for the Made in Netherlands version instead as I haven’t read any complaints of the vinyl quality.
                      • adetillio's avatar
                        As others have mentioned on the other pressing's page (Neil Young + Promise Of The Real - Noise & Flowers), this is not a perfect live release. Neil's vocals-- while powerful still in his mid-70s-- are not exactly what they were back in the day. To be expected, for sure, but this release is lower on the totem poll than others in the slew of recent live (re)releases. It's worth owning and listening to for Side B alone, but does not stack up to Greendale or Way Down in The Rust Bucket, for example. My copy also has some pressing pops, even after a cleaning. As a big Neil Young fan, I like this release and am glad I picked it up. For a less committed fan, there's plenty of other recent live releases that are better.

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