NoisiaSplit The Atom


Machine Gun4:05
My World4:53
Split The Atom5:42
Hand Gestures3:11
Red Heat3:28
Alpha Centauri4:00
Soul Purge3:00
Paper Doll1:06
Square Feet3:28

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    Cover of Split The Atom, 2010-04-08, CDSplit The Atom
    CD, Album
    Vision Recordings – VSNCD001Netherlands2010Netherlands2010
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    Cover of Split The Atom, 2010-04-05, CDrSplit The Atom
    CDr, Album, Promo
    Vision Recordings – VSNCD001PUK2010UK2010
    Cover of Split The Atom (DJ Edits), 2010-06-20, FileSplit The Atom (DJ Edits)
    8×File, MP3, Mini-Album, 320 kbps
    Vision Recordings – 321568UK2010UK2010
    Cover of Split The Atom, 2012-02-27, FileSplit The Atom
    32×File, MP3, Album, Special Edition, 320 kbps
    Mau5trap Recordings – MAU5CD010DCanada2012Canada2012
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    Cover of Split The Atom, 2012-04-09, CDSplit The Atom
    2×CD, Album, Special Edition
    Mau5trap Recordings – MAU5CD010PCanada2012Canada2012
    Cover of Split The Atom, 2012-02-27, FileSplit The Atom
    32×File, WAV, Album, Special Edition
    Mau5trap Recordings – MAU5CD010DUK2012UK2012
    Recently Edited
    Split The Atom
    CD, Album, Promo, Special Edition
    Mau5trap Recordings – MAU5CD010UK2012UK2012
    New Submission
    Cover of Split The Atom, 2017-11-30, CDSplit The Atom
    2×CD, Album, Reissue, Special Edition
    Vision Recordings – VSNCD001SNetherlands2017Netherlands2017
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    • Edited 7 years ago
      It could have been better if the tracks were full lenght. It showed that tracks included here on the 'Split the Atom' EP's and the 'Stigma' single for example were longer. It could had easily fit the cd disc, and with digital there is no need to short your songs.

      But overall its an fine work which showed that the trio are more capable then just producing heavier d'n'b.
      • nonplusjungle's avatar
        Wait, what happened here? I'm not very much into Noisia but I do know them and love their sound on for example Sandworm which is a really deep, dry track (from 2005). This album has lots of borderline commercial tracks with lame fidgetty dubstep/electro sounds. Some people may argue it's "fresh" but to me it's just a disappointment. Beware.
        • waone's avatar
          Album is great. Without any doubts. But of course, Noisia can do better.
          He makes more breaks, less dnb, its superb for me. I think that they find absolutely their style.
          More breakbeats!
          • Deenis's avatar
            This album was a bit of a disapoinment to me, Partialy because my expectations were so high.
            It's Noisia! Who would expect anything less than AMAZING??

            The First obvious thing that one would notice upon listening to this album, is that their isnt very much dnb on it, the majority of it is the type of housey-tech stuff that they put out on their Division lable. But thats not realy the main problem to me, because i like all the stuff on Division. Its just that their were a bunch of weak tracks.
            about a third of the tracks are just short little interludes that don't realy have any value other than as short little interludes. Its a bit pointless if you ask me. But this album is certainly not without its good points, as there are a couple totaly dope tracks on it.

            Machine Gun: I've always hated this track. I'm not gonna go into it but I'm sure some of us can relate.

            My World: This is one of my favorites! Plenty of kick-ass breaks, and every one knows that kick-ass breaks are the best thing about dnb! I'm not so fond of the vocals, but they realy dont detract from the track at all anyway. This might be the best out of the few actual dnb tracks on the album.

            Split the Atom: Hands-down my favorite track on the album! EPIC build up, "split the atom", and then a drop into pure funky insanity. It's not DnB, but it sure is fucking dope.

            Thursday: An allright track, with all respect, but there isnt realy anything special or interesting about it.

            Hand Gestures: Now this one is pretty tight. Kinda like the type of "subtle" neurofunk that Phace & Misanthrop have been experimenting with on Neosignal.

            Red Heat: Another personal favorite of mine. Again more of the "Division" type housey-tech whatever its called. But it's a very cool track.

            There are a few more pretty good tracks, and just as many shity tracks, but this review has gotten a bit too long...
            • Drakulya's avatar
              Edited 13 years ago
              I've been excited when i heard that Noisia are realsing their first debut album. However after hearing it i have some questions to ask.

              The bad: I'm not quite sure what Noisia guys are trying to tell us all songs here are very short plus there is 10 or 15 minutes of unused space on a CD , whereas Vinyl has a full length tracks ?! Despite our fellings for Noisia you can't ignore that Noisia is becoming comercial. When i received it i hoped that it will have more Drum and Bass tracks along the lines of The Tide, Block Control but to my surprise there is a few Drum and Bass tracks.

              The Good: Noisia is continuing exploring other musical genres, in this album you have mixture of hybrid Hip-Hop, House etc. All songs are connected to each other which creates a wonderful journey feeling, but also sometimes i'm not quite sure where they taking me. The production and Mastering is also ace. Technicaly this album rocks and it will inspire new artists to try different things and it will breath fresh air into the scene, but it not the point.

              Overall i would recommend this album for enyone interested in electronic music and it entertaines you throughout . But for some it will be a crossroad ...

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