Rhythm & Sound w/ ShalomWe Been Troddin

Genre:Electronic, Reggae
Style:Dub, Minimal


Rhythm & Sound w/ ShalomWe Been Troddin6:58
Rhythm & SoundTroddin (Version)6:58


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    Cover of We Been Troddin, 2002-02-00, VinylWe Been Troddin
    10", 45 RPM
    Burial Mix – BM-08Germany2002Germany2002
    Cover of We Been Troddin, 2002-02-00, VinylWe Been Troddin
    10", 45 RPM, Limited Edition, Green Transparent
    Burial Mix – BM-08Germany2002Germany2002
    Recently Edited
    Cover of We Been Troddin, 2013, VinylWe Been Troddin
    12", 45 RPM, Repress
    Burial Mix – BM-08Germany2013Germany2013
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    • Shalommusic4life's avatar
      Give tanks for the good reviews, I always try to make music that will last forever. One love. You can contact me at. [email protected].
      • powerpill-pacman's avatar
        Edited 19 years ago
        This song is simply amazing. The deepness of the sounds used, the wonderful delays and the marvelous voice of Shalom take dub or whatever you might call it to another level.
        • _Hawk_'s avatar
          This record is soooo deep ! Not only by sound, but also by lyrics (which are also beautifull). The beats & basslines are slow and boomin', the stabs are lost in delays and the hihats are dirty and crunchy. I want to know what kinda compressor they use ! Nobody can beats Basic Chanell by sound.

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