Karma Sous Trame5:54
Perdre Connaissance4:35
Vision Holistique5:26
Fureur En Asie5:27
Rite Sacre5:31
Le Cachot5:25
Sainte So4:35
Au Sein De L’essence Meme4:37
Homelie Melodique4:19
Ns / Nd6:30
Un Art Fatal5:00

Credits (8)


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    Cover of La Légende Dorée, 2010, CDLa Légende Dorée
    CD, Album
    Wave Records (4) – W028Brazil2010Brazil2010
    New Submission
    Cover of La Légende Dorée, 2010, CDLa Légende Dorée
    2×CD, Album, Limited Edition
    Wave Records (4) – W028Brazil2010Brazil2010
    New Submission
    Cover of La Légende Dorée, 2010, CDLa Légende Dorée
    2×CD, Limited Edition, Album; Box Set
    Wave Records (4) – W028Brazil2010Brazil2010
    New Submission



    • Dronemf11's avatar
      Masterpiece album. This one is my fave OMS album along with cult Cathedrale.
      • AnnaLogue's avatar
        Frankly, Anna wasn’t following the whole career of OPERA MULTI STEEL over the all
        those years, but is surely knowing their early works. Now, after not having released a new
        album in 8 years, they return with “La Légende dorée”, released on the Brazilian label Wave
        Records. It is clear that OPERA MULTI STEEL have gone back to their roots, the Roland
        TR-808 is the main drum machine on nine of the 12 tracks, and the Roland TR-909 on the
        remaining three (if not both are used on a single track like on the first track “Karma sous
        Trame” which could also be one of the latest Guerre Froide tracks), and the Casio VL-1 is
        present on truly every single track to make up that typical OPERA MULTI STEEL sound,
        and, well, it makes the difference! Some may think that living in the past is wrong and Anna
        agrees, but the music and sound of the early 80’s was simply honest and substantial, so it’s
        not about living in the past, but living on with it. The whole album is wonderful, but there is
        some major hits on there which need special mention: “Détention” which partially reminds
        Anna a bit of Psyche’s wonderful instrumental “Dreamstreet” while the chorus is typical
        OMS. “Le Cachot”, “Au sein de l’Essence-même”, “Homélie mélodique” and especially “NS
        – ND” are classic OMS tracks and potential live and discotheque hits and those DJs who are
        not playing the same crap over and over again should check them out. So, OPERA MULTI
        STEEL are back and just the way we love them!

        The bonus CD includes four additional tracks (remixes) of „Vision Holistique“, „Perdre
        Connaissance“, „Fureur en Asie“ and „Karma sous Trame“ as well four individual cards for
        each song.

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