Begegnung In Baden-Baden
Version I18:25
Version II8:25
Version III19:05

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    Cover of Begegnung In Baden-Baden, 1971, VinylBegegnung In Baden-Baden
    WERGO – WER 60060Germany1971Germany1971
    Cover of Begegnung In Baden-Baden, 1974, VinylBegegnung In Baden-Baden
    Wergo – PA-1079Japan1974Japan1974
    New Submission
    Cover of Begegnung In Baden-Baden, 1974, VinylBegegnung In Baden-Baden
    LP, Promo
    Wergo – PA-1079Japan1974Japan1974
    New Submission
    New Phonic Art
    3×File, FLAC, Unofficial Release
    Avant Garde Project – AGP8



    • jamesjazzy's avatar
      Edited one year ago
      After intensive evaluation this record is not a duplicate to the recording in the 3 lp box set titled: "Free Improvisation- New Phonic Art. Iskra 1903. Wired" despite the same musicians
      • ischiberlin's avatar
        ok thanks! i am very satisfied endeed with the record....
        • ultimathulerecords's avatar
          Edited 9 years ago
          The finest album I've heard by this French experimental avant-garde and improv ensemble. It was recorded not so long after their experience of working with Karlheinz Stockhausen on "Aus Den Sieben Tagen" and the influence shows!
          Here's a condensed rewrite of the album cover notes...
          The group called NEW PHONIC ART was founded in April 1969. The first concert took place in Berlin. The idea of making this disc was born at Darmstadt in August 1970. Members: Carlos Roqué Alsina. Born in Buenos Aires in 1941. Composer and pianist. Jean-Pierre Drouet. Born in Bordeaux in 1935. Member of "Domaine Musical" and "Musique Vivante", Paris. Vinko Globokar. Born in Anderny, France, in 1934. Studied composition with Luciano Berio and René Leibowitz. Michel Portal. Born in Bayonne in 1935. Member of "Musique Vivante", Paris.
          The recording took place at Baden-Baden on the 23rd and 24th of January 1971. Until then the group gave only concerts but never played in a recording studio. We recorded two "team-plays" in the evening of the 23rd, two in the afternoon and three in the evening of the 24th of January. After having heard the recording tapes, we choose the first, the third and the seventh. No use whatsover was made of only electronical manipulation.
          Each of these three pieces is complete in itself, without any cutting or rearranging of the tape, which would have changed, or, worse, "improved" the sequence of the instrumental combinations or the question and answer structure. The unusual richness of the sound colours is a result of the wide variety of instruments used, ranging from piano, organ, xylophone and percussion to alphorn, from rustling paper, and the beating of wood to the sounds produced by Globokar by running a stick up and down the ribbed profile of the alphorn.

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