Tepid Bile
Tip Hop2
Learning Is Remembering
Gong Show
As Thick As You Can Quink
Dead Pixels
Pins & Needles
Grubby Weasel
Fleas And Itches
Primordial Soup
Ton Of Brix
Unmixed Tracks
Learning Is Remembering
Dead Pixels

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tip hop


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    Cover of Tip Hop, 2005-06-15, CDTip Hop
    CD, Album, Partially Mixed
    Tippermusic – TIPP001CUK2005UK2005
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    Cover of Tip Hop, 2005-06-15, FileTip Hop
    17×File, MP3, Album, 320 kbps; File, MP3, Partially Mixed, 320 kbps
    Tippermusic – TIPP00DL1UK2005UK2005
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    Cover of Tip Hop, 2005-06-15, CDTip Hop
    CD, Album, Partially Mixed, digipak
    Tippermusic – TIPP001CUK2005UK2005
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    Cover of Tip Hop, , FileTip Hop
    21×File, ALAC, Album
    Tippermusic – noneUKUK
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    • scapo9688's avatar
      Very interesting how different the tracks are in this CD release than they are on Bandcamp / Spotify / streaming services. The CD release is gassed up!
      • drlubin's avatar
        From the outset, I knew I was in for a real treat with this album. Although this is essentially a mix of some of Tipper’s slower tempo 12” releases with extra unreleased material, Tip-Hop offers much more than the usual collection of singles or DJ mix.
        Dave Tipper’s scratching and mixing is of an awe inspiring quality, as are the tunes themselves. Having heard and bought some of these tracks on vinyl, I can tell that the mastering is even better here.

        The hip-hop theme is strong. Tipper owns it with jaw dropping effects, creative synth manipulation and quirky yet controlled editing. Despite so much technically innovative electronic music being relatively inaccessible, Tipper never loses site of the goal and doesn’t let technology misguide the raw grooves.
        From the more traditional horn and piano samples on Tepid Bile or Run4cover, Epcot’s thoughtful and well delivered lyrics in Learning is Remembering, or the synth psychedelia of Paperthinreality, there’s plenty to keep the listener interested and prove that Tipper is certainly no one trick pony.
        However, there’s a definite a loss of momentum toward the end of the mix. The organic spirals of controlled chaos gradually lean closer to the more traditional club breaks style reminiscent of late nineties releases on Skint, Botchit & Scarper or Fuel. The music is still of high quality, but I feel that Dave has piled the majority of his best tricks toward the front end of the mix. This is certainly attention grabbing, but I wish that he had held some better cards for later in the game, as I think this would improve the overall listening experience.

        Having said that, the sexy funk of the penultimate track, Ton Of Brix rarely fails to lift my spirits and Cycleswithincycles is one of the best examples of Tipper’s archetypal finishing move. Inspiring, melodic and spacious, when I listen to this track I can’t help but feel humbled …considering the paradox of existence, staring out as well as in, feeling godly and yet insignificant with each breath.

        To date, Tip-Hop is Tipper’s finest hour. Although I prefer much of the music found his albums Surrounded and Seamless Unspeakable Something, there is a rare intensity to this mix which shines brightly above the competition in this field. I’m yet to hear a better example of a mixed dance album.
        I offer this album a 5 star rating regrettably, because to offer it 10 stars would not pay it the respect it deserves.
        • xenlab's avatar
          Edited 16 years ago
          Just discovered this album... I had checked out Tipper years ago (circa 2000) and liked it but wasn't wholly impressed.... After hearing this album, I have come 180 degrees on Mr. Dave Tipper.

          This guy is sick~!

          This is probably one of the consistently great albums from begining to end that I've ever heard - DJ Mix or Otherwise, and to top it off, these are all Tipper Tracks - insane!

          If all breaks were this dark and funky - I'd have given them more attention before now.
          • teamcowper's avatar
            Edited 17 years ago
            This album rules so hard it's not even funny. Solid midtempo goodness that will get any party moving. Tipper does a great job of balancing instrumental tracks with lyrical ones, and also pretty music with funky stuff, all without overdoing it on the scratching (which is sick on this, btw). Highly recommended!

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