Neon Judgement*Early Tapes

Style:EBM, Electro, Minimal


Factory Walk4:19
Sweet Revenge2:51
The Machine4:07
Army Green (WOIII)2:47
Schyzophrenic Freddy5:17
TV Treated6:31
Stay Mad3:45
Sister Sue4:15
On My Own4:43

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    Cover of Early Tapes, 2010-08-03, VinylEarly Tapes
    LP, Compilation, Limited Edition, Remastered, Numbered
    Dark Entries – DE-007US2010US2010
    Cover of Early Tapes, 2010-11-08, VinylEarly Tapes
    LP, Compilation, Limited Edition, Numbered, Remastered, Repress
    Dark Entries – DE-007US2010US2010
    Cover of Early Tapes, 2010, VinylEarly Tapes
    LP, Compilation, Remastered, Test Pressing
    Dark Entries – DE-007US2010US2010
    New Submission
    Cover of Early Tapes, 2011-04-28, CDEarly Tapes
    CD, Compilation, Remastered, Limited Edition
    OnderStroom Records – OS16Belgium2011Belgium2011
    Cover of Early Tapes, 2012-07-19, VinylEarly Tapes
    LP, Compilation, Remastered, Repress
    Dark Entries – DE-007US2012US2012
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      Edited 13 years ago
      THE NEON JUDGEMENT – Early Tapes LP US 2010 DE-007 10 Tracks 43'53''

      THE NEON JUDGEMENT was formed around 1980/81 by Dirk Timmermans (aka Dirk Da Davo - synthesisers, vocals) and Frank Vloeberghs (aka TB Frank - guitars, drum machines, vocals) from Leuven, Belgium. Influenced by Velvet Underground and Pink Floyd they started with a minimalistic set-up comprising a Boss DR-55 drum machine, Yamaha CS-10 synthesiser and a Fender Stratocaster. In 1981, they released their debut six-track tape „Suffering“, including a first version of their classic track „Factory Walk“, of course being more rough with a pretty thin sounding guitar and less strong vocals as on later recordings. Then there’s the monotone and upbeat tracks „Sweet Revenge“ and „Schyzophrenic Freddy“ which undoubtely have drawn their inspiration from Suicide, the almost claustrophobic sounding „Harem“, and „Army Green (WOIII)“ that have more reminiscence to Cabaret Voltaire or even Throbbing Gristle (electronics paired with noisy and weird guitar parts), as well as the minimal electro pop track „The Machine“ that will appeal to any Absolute Body Control fan. The sound of those earliest tracks thus is as raw as it gets, but well that was the times in 1981! With the addition of a Korg Mono/Poly and Roland TR-808 and with no other than Ludo Camberlin as their engineer they recorded their second and already more sophisticated tape „TV Treated“ in 1982. The title track made it to much publicity, a great track for the more sinister dancefloors. „Stay mad“ almost uses the very same sounds as „TV Treated“ and is almost equally great. „Sister Sue“ and „On my own“ is preceeding Revolting Cocks’ sound by many years, and will surely appeal to fans of Luc Van Acker and Front 242. After those two tapes THE NEON JUDGEMENT started to release only vinyl records and were lucky to swim on the Belgian Electronic Body Music (EBM) hype in the mid-to-late 80’s. While they really were not part of that artificial genre their sound already changed at that time, actually, they have always been more of a rock band using electronics. Anyway, even though their early sound was so do-it-yourself and raw, it was kind of still pioneering, while their later efforts just became rather insignificant in the 90’s. Anyway, at the height of the electroclash hype, THE NEON JUDGEMENT was rediscovered and remembered of their earlier classic hits, leading to many remix projects and re-releases. Independent from that Dark Entries are now celebrating THE NEON JUDGEMENT’s 30th birthday with the re-release of their first two tapes on vinyl while the boys are going to hit the streets again.

      LPs include an 11×11 lyric sheet including rare photos, a mini poster and two silk screened die-cut diagrams taken from the band’s original synthesizer workbooks, and are limited 500 hand numbered copies.

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