Popping Out2:28
Creepy Girl3:02
Sad Face3:12
Indoor Type1:50
For Your Love2:56
Foam Angel4:28


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    Cover of Foam, 2022-11-02, FileFoam
    14×File, FLAC, Album
    3XL (2) – 3XL05Germany2022Germany2022
    New Submission
    Cover of Foam, 2022-11-02, VinylFoam
    LP, Album, Limited Edition, White
    3XL (2) – 3XL05Germany2022Germany2022
    New Submission


    • HrtAttK's avatar
      Repress of white vinyl back on boomkat, 300 copies, white like the first pressing it seems.
      • rottenjohnny1's avatar
        Repress up at, 300 copies limited run. Don't sleep
        • Ceresmotion's avatar
          The more one listens the more one appreciates the genius of this album. Whole thing is beautiful but Marina, Sad Face and For Your Love are the highlights
          • verdantdivision's avatar
            needs to get repressed. snuck in late as one of the best records of 2022. love this thing
            • tony879's avatar
              Freaking great!
              Very different from her previous work in some ways, but not in other ways…..
              It’s more Hi Fi than previous works and sounds quite ‘digital’ in places,
              I used to have an old 80s CD player that had a kind of primitive sample function on it that you could set a snippet on a CD and have the player looping. It had certain flaws like it would also skip while looping which added strange tics and glitches making the loop not so loop like.
              Much like this record.
              The music is like taking a genre in this instance Jazz or Soft easy listening, some R+B and samples it into loose patchworks.
              Unlike Hip Hop the music isn’t sequenced to a rhythm, it’s let loose to slowly drift around any loose time signatures.
              Flashes of other artists like Burial, Gas and Fennesz and even Anthony Manning’s ‘Islets in pink polypropylene’ arrive and intertwine with the part lounge, part Jazz, part Pop backdrops.
              It’s a collection of trippy contemplative mood pieces, each one different to the next.
              Very nice indeed….
              • ryanstratton's avatar
                If only all vinyl could be this well made. Near perfection pressing. I'm becoming a big believer in mastered by Rashad Becker. The music is quite a bit different from other Ulla stuff so it will take a few listens, but sound quality this good will make me come back for more listens. It's not cheap to order from Boomkat but I'm happy to pay when you get this kind of quality.
                • iuchocoa's avatar
                  great album, great pace. a lazy walk in the country sun. reminds me a little of Vtgnike-Коллекция.
                  • Weirdcore's avatar
                    Two AOTY contenders released in the same week, this and CS + Kreme, pinch me.

                    The album is phenomenal, I'm stuck between 'Tumbling' and this for my fave Ulla record, but they are essentially two very different records. 'Foam Angel' is magical, up there with one of the best ambient tracks ever.

                    Vinyl is perfect, silent with the wonderful warm inviting crackles that add to the immersion. Slick. <3

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