Gary Numan - Telekon Slow_Pulse_Boy

April 15, 2019
referencing Telekon, LP, Album + 7", Single, Ltd, BEGA 19, K 58189
The On Broadway song is just fantastic. Worth searching for.

Gary Numan - Telekon shakethegraverecords

December 20, 2018
referencing Telekon, LP, Album + 7", Single, Ltd, BEGA 19, K 58189
Some were sold with poster and 7" I have a few copies of these.

Gary Numan - Telekon as reviewed by Pheel242

March 10, 2018
referencing Telekon, LP, Album, PR, SD 32-103
PR suffix on labels - because it is a promo copy, I'm guessing? My copy has a gold stamp on the cover: "Promotional Copy NOT FOR SALE" and an ATCO sticker on the front with song durations for radio use.

Gary Numan - Telekon MJG196

April 19, 2019
referencing Telekon, LP, Album, PR, SD 32-103
PR stands for Presswell pressing plant, not promo. Just ask.

Gary Numan - Telekon Oortone

August 2, 2017
edited about 1 year ago
referencing Telekon, LP, Album, BEGA 19
The version of "Remember I Was Vapour" I have on vinyl (ATCO) and CD-rerelease are different. On the vinyl there's an added synthesizer solo and some panning madness going on after 3 min 15 sec. Was this on the original UK vinyl?

Gary Numan - Telekon adamwilson

January 22, 2018
referencing Telekon, LP, Album, BEGA 19
I've noticed similar. I've got the original UK vinyl and it contains the synthesiser solo but it doesn't appear on my CD versions and the double LP repress. Very strange!

Gary Numan - Telekon xj23

October 13, 2017
referencing Telekon, LP, Album, BEGA 19
The panning madness is the original version. When the cd was remastered in 1998 they were unable to locate the tape for Remember I Was Vapour so they used an alternate version.. They also fiddled with the tracklisting by using an alternate Remind Me to Smile and inserted We Are Glass into the album. I find this entire cd inferior. To my knowledge Asylum 2 is the only place to find the original Telekon cd.

Gary Numan - Telekon Sunbird76

February 6, 2017
edited over 2 years ago
referencing Telekon, LP, Album + 7", Single, Ltd, BEGA 19, K 58189
Some early copies of the free single were mis-labelled, both having the Side 2 On Broadway label.

Gary Numan - Telekon Hauntology

November 25, 2015
referencing Telekon, 2xLP, Album, RM, Red, BBQLP 19
It was quite sickening at the recent gigs seeing Gary's die-hard [yeah right] vinyl "fans" rushing to snap these up then over-hearing them talking about how much they were going to sell them on eBay and Discogs.

Gary Numan - Telekon Jonathanreplica

December 24, 2013
referencing Telekon, LP, Album, Red, 660.078
The ultimate best,and in a mega mega rare clear vinyl

Gary Numan - Telekon as reviewed by postpunkmonk

January 30, 2008
edited over 7 years ago
referencing Telekon, CD, Album, RE, RM, BBL 19 CD
His fourth album was a big step in the right direction back to some liveliness and variety in song pacing and construction after the monotony of "The Pleasure Principle." Guitars are back and not a moment too soon. Most of his best albums heavily feature them. “This Wreckage” is another slow, long song but unlike “Conversation” on his previous album, this one maintains one’s interest. “Remind Me To Smile” has a great arrangement full of hooks and by jingo, should have been a hit single! The call and response outro is massively catchy.

The non-LP single “We Are Glass” is one of Numan’s finest hit singles – I never tire of it! Its inclusion into the album flow is most welcome. Having the almost as good “I’m An Agent” follow it is a gift of sequencing! This sleek number also had single written all over it. (only “This Wreckage” was released as a single from the album) “I Dream Of Wires” is another strong song, originally written for Robert Palmer’s “Clues” album. Both versions are good but Numan’s is less funky – imagine that!

Two delicate synth ballads follow and then the tasty “Joy Circuit” wraps up the album. The memorable “I Die: You Die” was another non-LP single that was released during this period. Another happy little Numan ditty for the fans! Two other bonus tracks are exemplary. The “Piano Version” of his classic “Down In The Park” is a great take on the classic song. And his cover of Erik Satie’s “Trois Gymnopidies” is a beautifully superb version with piano and synths blended together in an almost mocha kind of swirl, if you’ll have it.

This album is a high water mark of the polymoog period of Numan’s career. His next one would be an abrupt change of direction, and one I admire greatly, but one is left with the thought that this is the album that “The Pleasure Principal” should have been; engaging synth rock with both the ability to rock and the desire to expand beyond that limitation.
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Gary Numan - Telekon as reviewed by slinky_wiz

December 3, 2002
referencing Telekon, LP, Album, BEGA 19

There was a limited edition single of 'On Broadway' released with initial copies of this album.