ScreamersDemos 1977-78



The Beat Goes On
Thru The Flames
Sex Boy
If I Can't Have What I Want (I Don't Want Anything)
She's The Girl
I Wanna Hurt
122 Hours Of Fear (Part 1)
...122 Hours Of Fear (Part 2)
Punished Or Be Damned
Government Love Affair
Peer Pressure
In A Better World
Magazine Love
It's A Violent World


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    Cover of Demos 1977-78, 2005, VinylDemos 1977-78
    LP, Unofficial Release
    Sob – SOB 01US2005US2005
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    Cover of Demos 1977-78, 2013, VinylDemos 1977-78
    LP, Reissue, Unofficial Release, Blue Marble
    Sob – SOB 01US2013US2013
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    Cover of Demos 1977-78, , VinylDemos 1977-78
    LP, Unofficial Release, Repress
    Sob – SOB 01USUS
    Recently Edited
    Cover of Demos 1977-78, , CDDemos 1977-78
    CD, Unofficial Release
    Sob – SOB 01USUS
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    • thesavagebeat's avatar
      my copy of the 2005 edition has a very audible high pitched tone cutting through the music and it's awful on the ears. the 2013 blue marble version sounds way cleaner with none of the background noise buried in the mix.
      • jacob1701's avatar
        Anyone know for sure if this is the Geza-X recordings and if Strength Thru Intimidation is also the Geza-X recordings just cleaned up?
        • mhnien's avatar
          I bought this blue version in 2001. What's up with that?
          • jimthemailman77's avatar
            I've heard of the legendary LA band for years so I ordered this collection. Skeptical of a keyboard instead of guitar l finally played the disc. Boy was I wrong, this is raging, snarling Punk rock
            • patientot's avatar
              This record definitely appeared way before 2013. I pulled my copy out of storage after being put away for 15+ years. I bought it some time between 1999 and 2002. Audio quality is definitely rough, so I wouldn't recommend paying too much for this. Maybe someday we'll see an official release of these demos on CD and LP. Not sure if the tracks here are the same demos or used the same source as the "In a Better World" 2xCD. That release was tough to find even when it was brand new and seemed to quickly vanish.
              • onrust-nv's avatar
                Why is Discogs being a fucking asshole about bootlegs???
                Maybe time to quit Discogs.....
                • JupiterJagger's avatar
                  Nice to have some screamers on vinyl...but the audio quality sure doesnt sound "vinyl quality". Somewhat as expected since this was all probably recorded from tape. Just expect an overall "hum" sound throughout, as soon as the music starts. Sure wish the tracks could have somehow gotten a proper remastering but this will do til then...
                  • Nacken's avatar
                    If you purchase the CD Version of "Demos 1977-78" be aware that "I Wanna Hurt" is missing on this collection. The CD has only 14 Tracks. I really don´t understand why because there would have beein enough time left on the disc to include "I Wanna Hurt". The other question that is on my mind is why the producer of this CD didn´t put the two parts of "122 Hours Of Fear" back together as one track. It wouldn´t have been that hard to do...

                    Anyway, if you want to explore the sound of The Screamers this CD is the best way into it. Though these are really old demos the sound is reasonable and you should get this thing for small money. If you get the chance to get hold of a copy, buy it! You won´t be disappointed...
                    • noise_wave's avatar
                      I know a few people with this press with the blue lettering and on their copies the track "I Wanna Hurt" is omitted, even though it is still listed on the jacket. I have one with red lettering and it does have the track on it. Not sure if this is true for all red and blue copies because they are unofficial and could have variations (can anyone else confirm?)

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