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AgoriaBalance 016


Aller Retour1:04:19
Gregg KowalskyAshes From Evermore1:14
Alva NotoXerrox Monophaser 22:48
DJ KozeLords Of Panama
Mark Pritchard?2:55
Manvoy de Saint SadrillSoeheniona2:24
ToscaJoe Si Ha3:49
Emiliana TorriniGun2:29
AgoriaParasite 20:27
ArandelIn D#52:23
19.454. I Think Of1:48
Pom Pom101:12
AgoriaAltre Voci3:49
GlimpseTrain In Austria Part 22:51
The FieldOver The Ice (Live Mix)1:58
OlibustaLa Pazz2:03
CubenxMis Dias Y Tus Noches2:38
Felix LabandWhistling In Tongues (Todd Terje Remix)4:47
JozifBack 2 My Roots (Jozif's 5o'clock Fabric Shadow Edit)0:57
BibioJealous Of Roses2:14
LCD Soundsystem45:33 (Trus'me Remix)4:43
Boozoo Bajou Feat. RumerSame Sun (Prins Thomas Diskomiks)4:25
OxiaLess Time
HatikvahSynchronicty (Block Barley & Engin Ozturk Holmby Hills Remix)2:15
Rio en MedioThe Last Child's Tear3:32
TipperJust As The Sun Went Down2:41
Gregg KowalskyAshes From Evermore1:41
Alva NotoXerrox Monophaser 2
Rising Sine1:01:47
Sylvain ChauveauHurlement En Faveur De Serge T.0:05
Aphrodite's ChildLoud Loud Loud2:29
Taron Trekka*Shirol2:04
SuedmilchWe Were
The Same (7)Szarpiesz Minerwa3:20
Ogris DebrisG-Thong (youANDme Remix)2:45
Francesco TristanoKnee For Thought3:33
Different GearOne Thing More (Dub Mix)2:40
Dorothée* & Ben MunyanezaMwali We!
Michael ForzzaAbstractor 2.02:19
Rio en MedioThe Last Child's Tear
Chris Carrier & Jef KMorning0:15
Drama Society & Vladislav DelayAlmodrama2:53
Gadi MizrahiI Know
Marc AntonaKipkop
AvrilFrench Kiss1:45
Gadi MizrahiI Know3:21
Jonny GreenwoodTehellet3:05
AvrilFrench Kiss1:04
Mark BroomTwenty Nine (Broom 09 Mix)2:55
EinmusikAtl Antis1:53
Perc & Passarella Death SquadTemperature's Rising2:42
AufgangSonar (Spitzer Remix)4:59
Shit RobotSimple Things (Work It Out) (Serge Santiago Remix)3:43
EfdeminAcid Bells (Martyn Remix)2:22
3 ChairsNo Drum Machine Part 21:50
Kid ALonely2:33
Sylvain ChauveauHurlements En Faveur De Serge T.1:11

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Cover of Balance 016, 2010-03-15, CDBalance 016
2×CD, Mixed
EQ Recordings – EQGCD029Australia2010Australia2010
Cover of Balance 016, 2010-03-00, CDBalance 016
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EQ Recordings – EQGCD029Australia2010Australia2010
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Hype text from the label:

After raising the bar to unprecedented heights in 2009 with Joris Voorn and Will Saul’s stunning additions to the series, EQ Recordings’ Balance series returns for the new decade with yet another standard-setting mix from one of the most sophisticated and inspiring names in techno: Agoria.

The man otherwise known as Sebastien Devaud wasn’t bitten by the dance music bug until he was out of his teens, but once he began hunting imported 12”s from the US and Germany in his native France, there was no turning back. His production career began in 1999, with his debut album Blossom and first compilation following in 2003 – and it was clear even in those early days that a serious new talent was emerging. Blending the throb and groove of deeper, stripped-back techno with a keen sense of musicality, emotion and atmosphere, his is a sound that transcends beyond mere dancefloor disposability.

Agoria explains his intention for this intricate compilation: “The concept of both CDs is all about balance. Literally. In my mind a balance is not a middle position; it's a perfect equilibrium. I’m trying to be as close as possible to this idea. I have tried to find this fine line where the balance is just right.” To accomplish this perfectly-weighted contrast, he’s cherry-picked from a myriad of genres and subgenres in his “beat open-minded” fashion, combining a wealth of material from newcomers across the spectrum (including no less than 12 exclusives) with more established producers, classics and unknown gems from his broad musical past, and put it all together in an unconventional, challenging manner. “In the end, more than a DJ compilation, this is a manifesto of my passion for music and for mixing” he explains.

This superb compilation is as deep and rewarding as a well-woven novel, the dénouement of the story unfolding as the mix evolves through Agoria’s musical DNA. Yet another essential addition to the compilation series that is fast becoming the new benchmark for ambitious DJs and demanding listeners alike.

Balance 16 mixed by Agoria Out 5 March through EQ/Stomp.
dr303's avatar
Edited one year ago
Sometimes a mix CD comes along and it completely envelopes you from start to finish. The "Aller Retour" side of this release does just that. It wraps you up in smokey arms, grips you tightly and immerses you fully into it's moody ebb and flow. Then you go deeper and shards of beauty penetrate from within. It's a soundtrack in the true sense of the word. From the Gas meets 'Spirit of Eden' drone it weaves a mysterious path taking in everything from Blue Note jazz vocals, gritty rockabilly, the stark minimalism of graceful 4/4 techno seeping playfully into a multitude of other leftfield electronic tropes. A true journey and such, such, such an inspiring and brave mix
spoons's avatar
Edited 11 years ago
Deserves a lot credit for endeavor, experimentation and thinking alone, before anything else is considered. The submission describes this as Techno, Minimal and Tech house but you could add House, Disco, Funk, Soul, even Rock and there's probably more in it. I'm listening to it now for at least the 6th time and I'm getting into parts I missed before and still loving the parts that appealed to me the first time I listened to it. Well done to EQ for allowing the Balance series to become so varied in styles too. Take the best parts of Joris Voorn (14) and Will Saul (15) and a touch of the unusual and mix them together, well, and you'll begin to get an idea of how this one sounds. I can't wait for the next one!