Higher Frequency
Golden Crown
Liquid Sky
The Island
Big Blue

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    Cover of Solar Synthesis, 2000-08-00, CDSolar Synthesis
    CD, Album
    Blue Room Released – BR100CDUK2000UK2000
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    Cover of Solar Synthesis, 2000-08-00, VinylSolar Synthesis
    2×LP, Album
    Blue Room Released – BR100LPUK2000UK2000
    Cover of Solar Synthasis, 2000-06-23, VinylSolar Synthasis
    2×LP, Album, White Label
    Blue Room Released – BR 100UK2000UK2000
    New Submission
    Cover of Solar Synthesis, 2005-06-13, FileSolar Synthesis
    10×File, WAV
    M.E.L.T. 2000 – AW 10022UK2005UK2005



    • colintraveller's avatar
      this album show Boris true skill as a producer being able to adapt to any style ..
      • radi6404's avatar
        Again a very good album by Boris Blenn there. there are really masterpeaces on this album that are probably some of the best electronic ambient tracks ever created. These are Fragment, Freezer, Löwen im Regeu and Big blue. All those tracks are very hypnotic and have a really geat and deep atmosphere with the typical Boris Blenn sounds but the production quality is very high. Such music is best listened during some autumn morning just when it slowly starts to get brighter and before the sunrais meet the horizon, then the music has the biggest influence on the listener.

        And there is one outstanding track that is a true masterpeace by Boris Blenn, called Liquid Sky, it has a very powerful and dark atmosphere. I thas a very sad atmosphere and sounds really dramatic during 3:00 and 4:00 but it still is relaxing. A true ambient masterpeace that shows the skills and musical abilities of the German master Boris Blenn, big respect for that track and the whole album, High quality albums like this justify saving money for an expensive audiosystem/ headphones + mp3 player in order to hear it even deeper.

        There are a few rather dissapointing tracks on this album however, which are fast and sound like tracks of other artists that produced goa trance during 1999 - 2002. But that´s no reason to not buy the album, the high quality dark and atmospheric ambient masterpeaces are worth the album.
        • eskoner's avatar
          Edited 18 years ago
          Killargh earth-trance vs. space-ambient release by Boris Blenn.

          "Higher Frequency" is like a warm summernight around the fire until it after some minutes into the track invites us into "Taking off for Higher Frequencies" and as promised motions us into tranced-out space.

          The styles on this album range from Ambient, Trance to Disco and at times feel like Euro-Disco meets Electric Universe.
          This is a nice item in ones collection.

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