VHS HeadTrademark Ribbons Of Gold



Sunset Everett3:31
Trademark Ribbons Of Gold4:31
The Murder Cycles4:43
Franco Zoom To Nowhere5:31
Brain Damaged2:29
Set Pieces2:36
Seen Enough?4:11
Remote Control5:15
Guinea Pig Film2:54
Twitch Of The Nerve4:45
The Stuff3:49
The Violent Breed3:48
Red Lens Effect2:09
Movies That Never Were2:30
Heartbeat In The Brain1:56

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    Cover of Trademark Ribbons Of Gold, 2010-09-06, VinylTrademark Ribbons Of Gold
    2×LP, Album, Mispress
    Skam – SKALP 025UK2010UK2010
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    Cover of Trademark Ribbons Of Gold, 2010-09-06, CDTrademark Ribbons Of Gold
    CD, Album
    Skam – SKALD 025UK2010UK2010
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    Cover of Trademark Ribbons Of Gold, 2010-11-05, VinylTrademark Ribbons Of Gold
    2×LP, Album, Repress
    Skam – SKALP 025UK2010UK2010
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    Cover of Trademark Ribbons Of Gold, 2010-09-00, FileTrademark Ribbons Of Gold
    20×File, MP3, Album, 320 kbps
    Skam – SKALD025UK2010UK2010
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    • ruethewhirl
      Edited 11 years ago
      When we are asked about a certain track or record that we actually enjoyed, we are probably going to say that it "sounds good", which makes sense, even though it doesn't work entirely like this. At least for me. I get real pleasure from music when it is technically and conceptualy creative and solid, and that's what truly "sounds good". Call it erudite, classical, or whatever, but if these basic principles are achieved, every genre, "style", old master or kid around the block will have my attention. VHS Head caught mine, as soon as i heard that a guy in the UK was making [electronic] music entirely from VHS tape sourced sounds. Imagine a guy locked in his basement, surrounded by piles of old tapes and spending hours and hours in front of the tv, looking for the perfect sounds to make music. It sounded exciting, but the result was way better than just exciting! The EP though, was merely an appetizer, just as a first EP should be. When "Trademark Ribbons Of Gold" was released, VHS Head confirmed and consolidated every bit of praise he had gotten previously.
      The aesthetic he created is not only genuine, but totally fitting his creation methods. This chop, compose and paste technique, simple in theory, extremely demanding in practice, was really explored to the bone by VHS Head, who created a delighful soundtrack to our TV memories (come on, we all have them, for the good or the bad) with enduring attention to detail. The music ranges from sort of basic and sweet melodies like the one from "Skyline", to fast-paced, action film style "Franco Zoom to Nowhere", metalic, industrial sounding tracks like "Set Pieces", and so much more. It's not music for a soundtrack about VHS tapes, it's actually the movie itself.
      I can only compare this to Boards Of Canada, but still place it miles ahead from them. What i think they have in common is the sense of nostalgia, but while in BoC this is one of the effects of the music, as it also brings the broadest range of emotions, psychological and physical, that one can possibly get from music, with VHS Head it's very evident and it is, for me, its most remarkable highlight, as it takes you back to that time of your childhood where you had all the time in the world to get lost on your favorite TV shows and movies, laying on the sofa, while it was getting darker outside and mum was making dinner. It's very entertaining, but in an enriching way.
      If you want to reexperince this feeling of having almost infinite available time to play, enjoy, imagine, have fun, this record is the one you should be spinning now!
      • nicewrain's avatar
        This is an interesting album, and a delightful listen. Its experimental to the core and deserving of a purchase. VHS Head has brought, with this release, like Venetian Snares and Aphex Twin etc, into this world, some ORIGINALITY! Thanks VHS Head! Now Mr. 76 ix please release an album too!

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