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Chris Liebing - Dandu Groove album cover

Chris LiebingDandu Groove



Dandu Groove
Rolling Stone
Volvic Addict


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7 versions
Cover of Dandu Groove, 1997, VinylDandu Groove
Fine Audio Recordings – audio 07Germany1997Germany1997
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Dandu Groove
12", Promo
Fine Audio Recordings – audio 07Germany1997Germany1997
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Cover of Dandu Groove (Remixes), 1998, VinylDandu Groove (Remixes)
2×12", 33 ⅓ RPM
Fine Audio Recordings – audio 07rGermany1998Germany1998
Cover of Dandu Groove, 1998, VinylDandu Groove
12", Repress, Remastered
Fine Audio Recordings – audio 07Germany1998Germany1998
Cover of Dandu Groove, , FileDandu Groove
3×File, WAV
Fine Audio Recordings – audio 07GermanyGermany
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Cover of Dandu Groove, , FileDandu Groove
3×File, MP3
320 kbps
Fine Audio Recordings – audio 07GermanyGermany
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Cover of Dandu Groove (Remixes), , FileDandu Groove (Remixes)
4×File, MP3
320 kbps
Fine Audio Recordings – audio 07rGermanyGermany
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smashby's avatar
Dandu Groove (Oliver Ho Remix) is so spacey and galactic. lovely
catweasel's avatar
Edited 2 years ago
thomas krome remix is superb. grinding powerful techno. thumbs up!
CHoCi's avatar
No Sound Sample from the Best Remix of this Release ?
Dandu Groove (Andrew Richley Remix) grooves you right into hell of fine Techno Music.
Legedary Track of the Final Sven Väth Set from the Omen Club closing Weeking in 1998 !
1984Comrade's avatar
A monumental release. Every single track here rock as hell Chris Liebing Dandu Groove remastered is an utter pleasure. One of the best releases ever as 'Audio' is one of the greatest labels. Grab this!
RichardAndrewsMedia's avatar
Dandu Groove (Thomas Krome Remix) = Monster. Essential 'bangin' techno.
Delegoano's avatar
Edited 15 years ago
Dandu Groove is the reason, why Chris Liebing is so famous today. This track has been played over and over and is representative for a full era of frankfurt techno under the supervision of Michael Burkhart and Chris Liebings former label cooperation "fine audio recordings" short "audio" which is until today one of the most influental european techno labels worldwide. The track itself is hard monotechno reduced to the maximum and though almost reaching it´s tenth anniversary, it is still to be considered one of hard tribal technos blueprint releases. The extralarge kickdrum, accompanied by a distorted percussion-loop make up for a basic drumloop that is so evil, your perception of techno might change forever. This is one of the most sought for tracks in the history of techno and still achieves ridiculously high bids on various auction-portals.