Perceiving The Universe5:51
En Rêve7:25
Space Ghosts4:01
God's Channel (Extended Mix)9:17
Inside The Harmony19:59
Life Textures11:09

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    Cover of Solar Walk, 2010-04-06, CDrSolar Walk
    CDr, Album, Limited Edition
    Altar Records – ARCDA01Canada2010Canada2010
    Cover of Solar Walk, 2010-12-02, CDSolar Walk
    CD, Album, Mixed
    Altar Records – ARCDA01Canada2010Canada2010
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    Cover of Solar Walk I, 2019-03-04, FileSolar Walk I
    9×File, FLAC, Album, Remastered
    Astrosphere – SHR01Russia2019Russia2019
    Cover of Solar Walk I (Remastered 2019), 2019-03-04, FileSolar Walk I (Remastered 2019)
    9×File, WAV, Album, Remastered
    Astrosphere – SHR01Russia2019Russia2019
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    • angst_in_antwerp's avatar
      Definitely not an ambient album.Way too many beats to be considered ambient but if your into down tempo chill music this may be for you. Astropilot's Solar walk 3 has virtually no beats at all and is a lovely ambient space music album.
      • SPoekast's avatar
        This is a nice album! I haven't enjoyed much of AstroPilot's other work - I've found it to be either unremarkable or unmemorable; failing that, when the music is good the tracks are sabotaged by really shoddy world music type vocals that don't complement the music.

        However, on "Solar Walk" AstroPilot steers clears of these pitfalls for the most part (En Rêve being the exception). This is deep-space, stately ambient with some psy flares here and there with limited vocals. Two of the most gorgeous tracks "Space Ghosts" and "Languor" are also the two shortest, leaving one to wonder what they might be like fully developed.

        My favorite tracks on this album are 2, 3, and 8 - the production is good as well so you really get a deep aural atmosphere. Worth checking out.

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