Gerostenkorp ‎– Le Mécanisme De L'Aube



Le Crépuscule De L'Horizon 1:15
Blue Iron 4:11
Coeur D'Ebene 5:03
Afrikindian Mozolé 2:43
Les Sylves 11:04
L'Horloge Hydraulique 3:53
Corps À Corps 3:34
Corrida 1:21
D'Un Ciel Orangé 7:34
La Nymphe De L'Aube 3:17
Les Geants De Fer 4:05
Orchidées Sauvages 5:14
Pensionnaire 3:24
Live 02/07/05 4:05

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October 3, 2012
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"Le Mécanisme de l'aube; is the first album of Gerostenkorp, the solo dark ambient project of Daniel Larose, an hour long voyage into minimalist mechanized ambience and subterranean industrialism discharging naturally recorded sounds and human animation into a cinematic score that at times has one imaging the stop motion peculiarities of the Quay Bros.

While drones initiate the descent past the ruinous steel façade into gloom and machine, Gerostenkorp does not subscribe to purely chthonian symphony as metallic percussion patterns in fulgurant bursts and drones give way to earthy didgeridoo, rattling with ritualistic fervor chains unnamed gods of industry, rusted but very animated. Capacious sound-scapes are explored with each track as new vicinages discovered in the umbrageous factories, vast chambers where sound wanders and develops into new resonance with the steel architecture; rusted and new. Percussion driven song-form breaks the ambient sojourn with unsettling electronics looped against the clatter of blocks and hammered iron, cachinnation purls like steel wind chimes caught in subtle breeze through howling gale. The final track of the fourteen is a live performance recording that shows less of the creeping smother and subtlety of those preceding.

A less than pristine recording perhaps can be attributed to the metallic and organic field recordings that while arranged in stereo tend to a narrow frequency spectrum, but many times audio noticeably peaks and clips and while there is noise wanted aplenty throughout "Le Mécanisme de l'aube" the noticeable moments of unwanted noise mar the album's production. That said, the experimental percussion is perhaps the stand-out of the entire album that saves it and lifts it from "just another dark ambient clone" with its closeness to such acts as Premature Ejaculation where percussion evolves from a physical act rather than computer arrangement providing an abstract uncertainty.

As a promo CDr was provided with a poorly scanned cover no comment can be made on packaging or design."

By Symbolique for HEATHEN HARVEST