VariousBigger Dirtier Beats Beats 2


The WiseguysStart The Commotion5:51
Elite ForceCall It Brisco (And Why Not?)6:49
Junior BlanksAll About Beats (DJ Scissorkicks Remix)6:42
HydrophonixRollin' A Hard Six6:00
Omar Santana Featuring T La RockVerbal Warfare6:02
The CatalystLay It Down5:26
Afrika Bambaataa & The Nebula FunkMind Control (Danmass Instrumental)5:24
Girl Eats BoyNapalm Bohemia4:54
Wax AssassinsRocking 2 Da Rhythm6:27
CirrusTime's Running Out5:11
HeadlampPetrol Salt Lick5:35
Lunatic CalmLC001 (Neon Ray Mix)6:49

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    Cover of Bigger Dirtier Beats Beats 2, 1999, CDBigger Dirtier Beats Beats 2
    CD, Compilation
    Moonshine Music – MM 80099-2US1999US1999
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    Cover of Bigger Dirtier Beats Beats 2, 1999, CDBigger Dirtier Beats Beats 2
    CD, Compilation, Promo
    Moonshine Music – MM 80099-2US1999US1999
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    • BigBeat25's avatar
      Edited 11 months ago
      As slamming as the first "Big Dirty Beats" installment, if not more.

      It's the kind of music that was (and still is) ideal for video games, action movies and other TV broadcasts. Both "Matrix" and "Blade" sagas prove it very well, as well as franchises like "Need For Speed", "Gran Turismo" or "WipeOut".

      Concerning this compilation itself, it's the almost exact thing as the first "Big Dirty Beats" album. Beats, breaks, bass, acid, voice, industrial loops... kind of a routine set-up, yet each track manages to have its own identity.
      "Start The Commotion" is your Avalanches' "Frontier Psychiatrist" funky companion, "Call It Brisco" is like the most jet set radio sounding song ever, "Rollin' A Hard Six" is pure breaks and "Time's Running Out" is your soundtrack trip to outer space.

      "Bigger Dirtier Beats" features banger after banger, but the ones that particularly hook me are the Dub Pistols remix of "Napalm In Bohemia" (with Dub Pistols not being credited here), "Verbal Warfare" which is breakbeat galore as you can expect from Omar Santana and, mostly, "Lay It Down" by The Catalyst. The intro alone is trippy enough, but it gets only better towards the end. It's quite rare, only available here and on the 13th installment of the "United DJs of America" mixed by Afrika Bambaataa. Quite good if you're into electro of Florida Breaks.

      Both acts Cirrus and Omar Santana did also release lots of records on Moonshine Music. For the former Calfornian band, all their LPs are good but "Back On A Mission" (which "Time's Running Out" is part of) is the most memorable one for me. As for Omar Santana, all his hardhop tunes are worth it, especially his "Tricked Out" mix.

      The "FIFA 2000" OST may also be considered as both "LC001" and and DJ Scissorkicks remix of "All About Beats" are in there.
      At last, concerning "Call It Brisco", I can only advise the "Day Trip To Brisco" compilation as it features lots of similar festive breakbeat tracks.

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