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    Cover of Travel, 2023-02-24, VinylTravel
    2×LP, Album
    Northern Spy – NS 158US2023US2023
    Cover of Travel, 2023-02-24, FileTravel
    4×File, FLAC, Album
    Northern Spy – NS 158US2023US2023
    New Submission
    Cover of Travel, 2023-02-24, FileTravel
    4×File, MP3, Album, 320 kbps
    Northern Spy – noneWorldwide2023Worldwide2023
    New Submission
    Cover of Travel, 2023-02-24, CDTravel
    CD, Album
    Northern Spy – NS 158US2023US2023
    Cover of Travel, 2023-02-24, CDTravel
    CD, Album
    Fish Of Milk – FOM0020Australia2023Australia2023
    New Submission


    • marionutt's avatar
      I really really love this record. It feels like levitating in the dark of the night.

      One thing: why would you tag it as Post Rock? Very confused.
      • mathjazzrocker's avatar
        Perfect Christmas Eve Music...ecstatic other-worldly sonic explorations music for deep listening...
        • gwamos's avatar
          Edited 8 months ago
          This is a superb recording. Beautiful instrument separation and clarity. If they ever come to a town nearby, you must go and see them live...mind-blowing
          • patrykkokot2003's avatar
            One of my Best sounding records. Very good listening, i highly recomend.
            • Plattensammler123's avatar
              Sounds amazing, superb mastering. Music to get lost in words words words
              • martian_shore's avatar
                Great music, great mastering, good pressing, some pops on disc 2. Paper inner sleeves, obi around both sides of the gatefold.
                • Powerg's avatar
                  Edited 10 months ago
                  John Peel once said that The Fall were always different and always the same; this is also true of The Necks. This Antipodean improvising trio, formed in 1987, fuse jazz, ambient and avant-rock in a highly original and instantly recognisable way.

                  The band are celebrated for their extended pieces lasting an hour or more but Travel consists of four shorter improvisations with the basic line-up of piano, bass and drums augmented, in traditional Necks style, with Hammond organ and guitar overdubs. These tracks lack the transcendental effect the band often achieve in their epics but are essential listening nonetheless; contemplative yet unsettling, unfolding organically while possessed of an instinctive sense of structure. Travel sounds at once like everything and nothing The Necks have ever done and, as always, it never sounds quite the same twice. This is immersive music existing in a perpetual present while constantly becoming something else. Cerebral yet funky, insistent and hypnagogic; the journey unfolds over its eighty minutes replete with gradually revealed surprises and proof that it is better to travel than arrive.
                  • seanandrewcooper's avatar
                    Exceptional pressing at a time of too often frustratingly lax standards. Thanks for taking the care to prove that it can be done well, Northern Spy. And thanks, Necks, for another superb recording.
                    • ElroySheep's avatar
                      This is one of the better sounding pressings in my collection, and a really spectacular album.
                      • muellermj76's avatar
                        Does anyone happen to know how many of these were pressed?

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