Petula ClarkThe Polygon Years Vol. 1, 1950-1952



Petula ClarkYou Go To My Head
Petula ClarkOut Of A Clear Blue Sky
Petula ClarkMusic! Music! Music!
Petula ClarkBlossoms On The Bough
Petula ClarkSilver Dollar
Petula ClarkTalky Talky Talky
Petula ClarkWho Spilt Coffee On The Carpet
Petula ClarkYou Are My True Love
Petula ClarkYou're The Sweetest In The Land
Petula ClarkBeloved Be Faithful
Petula ClarkFly Away Peter, Fly Away Paul
Petula ClarkTennessee Waltz
Petula ClarkSleepy Eyes
Petula ClarkTeasin'
Petula ClarkBlack Note Serenade
Petula ClarkMay Kway
Petula ClarkClickety Clack
Petula Clark & Jimmy Young (5)Mariandl
Petula Clark & Jimmy Young (5)Broken Heart
Petula ClarkThat's How A Love Song Is Born
Petula ClarkCold Cold Heart
Petula ClarkTell Me Truly
Petula ClarkSong Of The Mermaid
Petula ClarkIt Had To Be You
Petula ClarkThe Card
Petula ClarkA Boy In Love
Petula ClarkWhere Did My Snowman Go
Petula ClarkTeasin' [version 2]


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    Cover of The Polygon Years Vol. 1, 1950-1952, 1994, CDThe Polygon Years Vol. 1, 1950-1952
    CD, Compilation
    RPM Records (2) – RPM 130UK1994UK1994
    Cover of The Polygon Years Vol. 1, 1950-1952, 2003, CDThe Polygon Years Vol. 1, 1950-1952
    CD, Compilation, Reissue
    RPM Records (2) – RPM 130UK2003UK2003
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      Edited 4 months ago
      No; 25 'The Card' is of the movie 'The Card' of 1952, music of William Alwyn
      But as componist i did find: Morris and i think it was with 'Len Quarted'?
      The film was one of the first adult screen roles for Clark, who received her first screen kiss. Clark recorded a vocal version of the film's theme, with lyrics by her long-term accompanist, Joe "Mr Piano" Henderson.
      and.. Alwyn wrote over 70 film scores from 1941 to 1962. His classic film scores included Green for Danger, Odd Man Out, Desert Victory, Fires Were Started, The History of Mr. Polly, The Fallen Idol, The Black Tent, The Way Ahead, The True Glory and The Crimson Pirate. Some of the scores have been lost, although many scores and sketches are now in the William Alwyn Archive at Cambridge University Library. In recent years CD recordings have been made. Some works, for which only fragmentary sketches remained, were reconstructed by Philip Lane or Christopher Palmer from the film soundtracks themselves. (info of:
      So i supose that several music is (lost).
      See also the revieuwby:

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