Traversable WormholeThe Remixes Pt.04



Exotic Matter (Terence Fixmer Remix)
Spacetime Symmetries (Tommy Four Seven Remix)

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    Cover of The Remixes Pt.04, 2010-11-00, VinylThe Remixes Pt.04
    12", 45 RPM
    CLR (2) – CLR 038Germany2010Germany2010
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    Cover of The Remixes Pt.04, 2010-11-22, FileThe Remixes Pt.04
    4×File, Single, WAV
    CLR (2) – CLR038WAVGermany2010Germany2010
    The Remixes Pt.04
    12", 45 RPM, White Label, Promo
    CLR (2) – CLR 038Germany2010Germany2010
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    • maroko's avatar
      In my opinion, the Terence Fixmer remix of Exotic Matter is by a mile the best rework in the long series of CLR's covers of the Traversable Wormhole series. Pounding minimal bass line with superb pressure leaking out of each and every one of its pores - as though steam was let loose from a smoke machine overhead in a large club. Awesome!
      From 03:40 things reach Nirvana, as multiple hisses, metallic backdrops and effects accumulated during the track's first part steady build up to a massive avalanche air strike siren dropped out of the blue! Petar Dundov played it out in Zagreb's Boogaloo Club on March 12th at around four in the morning and I was blown out of my shoes.
      Superb minimal arrangements, clever use of tension 'censorship', constantly morphing and incoming sounds teasing you for the grand take off. One of my favorite party tracks of the moment.

      The Tommy Four Seven remix is more along those tools which one can find on modern Electric Deluxe or CLR digital releases. Effective as it may be, it lacks the structural strength and mesmerizing drive of the A side. However, those slightly off beat, crawling drums are damn pounding, and there is an array of disturbing lo-fi noises accompanying the percussion. Four minutes before the end, the tune breaks down, and rebuilds as a darkish ambient drone, with subtle drum hits and an overwhelming sound wave completely sweeping everything in its path. In fact, I think the second part of this track is far more interesting than the first, due to a really surprising twist it takes and a more challenging take on Adam X's work.

      Overall, this one is seriously not to be missed. I consider it by far the most unique and distinct Traversable Wormhole re-release on CLR. If there is one place you should start with them, then it's here. Not that the other ones are bad, but there is nothing even as remotely as captivating and massive as the Fixmer remix. Top drawer material only here folks!

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