A Distant Land To Roam2:33
Up On The Divide3:20
Grey Eagle3:49
Lovin' Babe5:48
Blackjack Davy 3:06
North Country Blues4:09
Little Joe3:04
Let Him Go On Mama4:10
Kicking Up The Devil On A Holiday / Dr. Hecock's Jig5:50
Story Of Isaac 6:21

Credits (7)


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    Cover of Mighty Poplar, 2023-03-31, VinylMighty Poplar
    LP, Album, Stereo
    Free Dirt Records – DIRT-LP-0111USA & Canada2023USA & Canada2023
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    Cover of Mighty Poplar, 2023-03-31, CDMighty Poplar
    CD, Album
    Free Dirt Records – DIRT-CD-0111US2023US2023
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    • aethebean18's avatar
      Echoing what the others have said, this is a great album and a poor pressing. Despite a very thorough cleaning, there are lots of pops, to the point of making some of the quieter tracks unbearable. This group deserves better.
      • Banjopapi's avatar
        Agreed with smoker on the quality of the music, the band, and the fact that this pressing could be cleaner. It sucks. These world class musicians play probably a cumulative half million dollars worth of acoustic instruments and the engineering and/or mastering of this release makes it sound like I have earplugs in or that something cut all the detail out of my system. There’s a fog that veils the music. It came very dirty and even after a cleaning still has some noise and pops in spots.
        • Mr.BigDisc's avatar
          Best release of the year in my opinion. vinyl pressing could be cleaner, but man, what a lovely collection of songs by one of the most impressive lineups out there

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