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    Cover of Fierce / M-Power, 1993, VinylFierce / M-Power
    12", 45 RPM
    Basement Records – BRSS 024UK1993UK1993
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    Cover of Vol.3, 1993, VinylVol.3
    12", 45 RPM, Promo
    Basement Records – BRSS 024UK1993UK1993
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    Cover of Vol III, 1993, VinylVol III
    12", White Label, Test Pressing
    Basement Records – BRSS 24UK1993UK1993
    Vol III
    12", White Label, Test Pressing
    Basement Records – BRSS 024UK1993UK1993
    Cover of Fierce, , FileFierce
    File, MP3, 320 kbps
    Basement Records – BRSS 024UKUK
    Fierce / M-Power
    Acetate, 10", 33 ⅓ RPM
    Not On Label – noneUKUK
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    • phos4us's avatar
      Starting at 4m30s, M-Power has so much energy. Hear this in a club and you'll lose it
      • BlueMoonWax's avatar
        Excellent release here. My fav is M-Power. I usually like to mix through tunes quick but always leave this one running 'til that excellent breakdown right near the end of the track, which is what it all builds up to for me. The beats, bass and acid line break away into a rich, deep synth sound which then adds a haunting, higher-pitched pad on top. Then in comes the Terminator break where it plays out through to the end. It's a very short part after that breakdown but is executed perfectly, not overdoing it and leaving you wanting more. Personally, I wait for the whole tune for that bit and feel short-changed if it's mixed out early. Don't get me wrong, the whole tune itself is very enjoyable but the final part is the icing on the cake.
        • ian_s's avatar
          The test press of M-Power features a break from Metalheads - Terminator. Grooverider was playing the TP alongside Goldie, who disapproved, so Mayhem went back to the studio and made the final released version with a different break.
          • breakbeatscientist's avatar
            Basement Records was one of those labels who would put out some serious quality releases with both the A-Sides and AA-Sides being equally as strong as the other, with the flip often being on a slightly more experimental tip. 'Fierce' and 'M-Power' by Mayhem is a prime example of this with 'Fierce' being a storming techno-breakbeat crossover with a touch of darkness added to further expand the 1993 atmosphere.

            My personal favourite on this release is the awesome 'M-Power' which expands on the Metalheads 'Terminator' bass throbs in excellent fashion. When the drop hits midway, the track then introduces the most menacingly powerful, acid snarl I've ever heard. Sounding like some kind of immense growling alien beast. There are also some soothing synths to compliment the track and add a little light to the darkness too. An essential Mayhem/Basement release.

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