Girl Unit - Wut as reviewed by restless

January 23, 2011
edited over 8 years ago
referencing Wut, 12", NS008

On the edge of cheese but ultimately cool comes "Wut", a piece of urban electronic futurism touched by the grace and confidence of youth with already a hint of melancholia.
A music full of colours, harmonies and density that borrows to both US middle class-fantasized syrup fuelled blunted electronic hip-hop, and 20 years of London edgy rave and bass culture for a result that sounds like the soundtrack to some ecstatic, beatific, frenetic artificial yet fascinating future world that might well be actually happening already.
Like Salem if they were living in Tokyo's most advanced arcade games center doing tons of MDMA instead of smoking crack and burning crosses in the woods (which in a way could be seen as two sides to the same coin).