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Banabila*VoizNoiz - Urban Sound Scapes


Voiz III4:11
Do Something About It !2:40
Milos Came By2:31
New Circles3:32
Mono / metro3:12
Urban Scapes3:27
Voiz IV2:47
Adventures Of Bob Badoubah3:12
Where ?2:38
Da Boubelli3:20
Voiz V3:26
Wonderful Mistakes1:58

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6 versions
Cover of VoizNoiz - Urban Sound Scapes, 1999, CDVoizNoiz - Urban Sound Scapes
CD, Album
Steamin' Soundworks – STEAM 99001, Steamin' Soundworks – 5 20777 2Netherlands1999Netherlands1999
New Submission
Cover of VoizNoiz, 2000-09-00, CDVoizNoiz
CD, Album
Pork Recordings – PORK 073UK2000UK2000
Recently Edited
Cover of VoizNoiz, 2001-01-23, CDVoizNoiz
CD, Album, Reissue
Tone Casualties – TCCD0053US2001US2001
Recently Edited
Cover of VoizNoiz, 2001, CDVoizNoiz
CD, Album, Unofficial Release
Pork Recordings (2) – PORK 073Russia2001Russia2001
New Submission
Cover of VoizNoiz - Urban Sound Scapes, 2018-10-00, VinylVoizNoiz - Urban Sound Scapes
2×LP, Album, Deluxe Edition, Limited Edition, Reissue
Steamin' Soundworks – STEAM2018-1Netherlands2018Netherlands2018
New Submission
Cover of VoizNoiz  , 2020-02-04, FileVoizNoiz
20×File, MP3, Album, Reissue
320 kbps
Tapu Records – TR2020-1Netherlands2020Netherlands2020
New Submission


scoundrel's avatar
A bizarre little album that came completely out of leftfield and stayed there. <I>Voiz Noiz</I> is cut-up, abstract trip-hop -– if such a thing is possible. The majority of the album is composed of seemingly random vocal snippets, complemented by beats and music. The effect is jarring, but also strangely compelling. A few of the songs seem oddly freeform, without much structure; since the run times on the tracks are so short, however, the scattered nature of the songs don’t outstay their welcome. “Mono/Metro” is probably the most traditional of the tracks, while “Where?” is a striking and fascinating mixture of vocals (such as they are), silence, and piano. Definitely for those who crave something different.